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Appeal to Asian players


Dear players,
we read your emails and reviews, but we must admit that we have problems with our Asian community.

Thanks to "Reed Team" and some other volunteers we were able to translate game into Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages but for now we have no opportunity to maintain support stuff for these languages. Being Russian developers group we use Russian and English as languages to communicate. We see a lot of feedbacks from Asian players but automatic translation services are impossible to use – they give no chance to understand the reviews you send. All your support emails are always answered in the way to ask you to translate your question in English but we understand that it’s impossible in most situations. We would love to hear you and speak with you but we need help. Also, in the near future we will reduce the price of gold for Asian countries.

If there is someone ready to cooperate with our team who could at least translate reviews and share ideas we would be glad to answer all players’ questions and help them. We will be glad to create separate thread on our game forum and assign someone who will be able to help with translation and communication between our stuff and Asian players. Any help will be appreciated. Any one ready to help at community management please contact us:

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The last day of discount in Wild Terra! Early access, easy start kits and other special offers


The last day of special offers! Access to Wild Terra at half price: Easy start kits with a 20% discount in the in-game store 15% discount on sets of 25 chests with keys

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20% discount on Kits for easy start!


Kits for easy start can be purchased in the in-game store with a 20% discount! Offer is limited

Baron Starter Pack. Price: 3990 gold

Bay horse 3 premium days 3 gold Building Plans 3 gold Crafting Schemes Title "Baron"

Earl Starter Pack. Price: 5590 gold

White horse 7 premium days 5 gold Building Plans 5 gold Crafting Schemes Title "Earl"

Duke Starter Pack. Price 7990 gold

Black horse 30 premium days 10 gold Building Plans 10 gold Crafting Schemes Title "Duke"

We remind you that for the first purchase in the store you will receive a guaranteed gift!

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
Freier Wolf Guild (Vitios - PvP)


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@vrumor For now we see no point in destroying castles if they change their owners. Moreover you can take it back on the next week so would be stupid to build it up again. We will do some bonuses for those who were original builder. But for now it’s not a priority. Today’s patch in couple hours will add some more functionality to castle system.

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@Sadico We lost some abilities that worked before patch in PvE will fix that. You can snare in PvE with axe skill, bolas, there were also crit damage skill from throwing that needs fixing back because stoped working, After adding stats a lot of mobs will need some reviw, And we will add some abilities aginst them in PvE

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Discussion about game mechanics



How many mounts can I have at one time?

Unlimited. You can use stables to store them.

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How can i get a partridge.

Build a birdcage and trap it.

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Auction and items sold?


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Discussion about innovations.
A couple of suggestions from a consumer...

@Angrrrry said in A couple of suggestions from a consumer...:


// Allows to load game diagnostic module that shows ping, game graph and other specific info. Game may run slower with this option turned on.

var LOAD_PHASER_DEBUG = false; replace var LOAD_PHASER_DEBUG = true;

press P in game for details also check performance tab for even more details. Thank you very much for yuor feedback. Much appreciate it.

I know that it is very easy to give the ideas but it is not the same to make them come true.

I hope the game goes very far, I have faith.

"Rome was not built in a day"

I hope to add some referral system.

Greetings a hug

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Reuse Planters (pots) of food and plates and Increase resource respawn

@XxDnZxX But you still can fight in disputed lands even on PvE. Moreover we added guild castles - you can have one without iron and build it without iron and get all benefits of brick-steel buildings without iron ) Moreover you can farm cursed lands mobs for iron and you can farm treasure chest for iron. If we will have more iron nodes why do we need anything else in game?

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Hunger Halved

@Robert_Reyne Already wrote it yesterday we hope for 2-3 weeks. Need to fininsh castles and trade first to make them perfect ). Then will have time for taming.

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Foro oficial de habla hispana


Pues el problema persiste hoy ha estado asi, desde las 12 medio dia hr Colombia, y no ha bajado sigue en alrededor de 1000 de ping encima... :/

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Official Brazilian forum

Guild Apocalypse

Excelente, estou usando este servidor de orador espanhol, e eu encontrei um monte de colaboração nessa união, apesar de serem brasileiros e comunicação é excelente e eu tenho que usar um tradutor para entender e me fazer entender, mas eu ainda também recebeu mais cooperação deles falantes de espanhol que são mais anti-social, recomendá-los excelentes companheiros e ajudá-lo a tempo grande para você aprender e crescer mais rápido.

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polska Gildia - Banici z Vitios

ja chetnie o ile gracie i jeszcze szukacie

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