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Wild Terra is now available for Brazil on Steam


Now players from Brazil can purchase Wild Terra Online directly on Steam:

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WANTED: Wiki Pro


Greetings, wild terrans!

We are steadily moving to release, and it's time to enrich the English domain of the Wild Terra Wiki. And this is where we need your help.

What are we expecting from you?

Creating new articles as the game evolves. As you may have noticed, the new versions are released every week or two, and sometimes they add a huge amount of the new content. Provide at least a stub article, ready to be filled by other volunteers. Moderating other people's changes, helping the wiki newcomers. Cooperating with the Wiki master of the Russian domain -- this is the most developed domain ATM, as the game developers are Russian. Don't be afraid, he speaks English :) Of course, any other contributions to the game wiki are highly welcomed.

Whom are we searching for?

A person with native English. We want wiki articles to be correct, in all aspects. A person who has a good experience in contributing to any other wiki. In other words, you should be familiar with wiki markup, templates and wiki structure. Ability to read Russian, even using any online translator, is a great plus. As mentioned, most Russian articles now have more useful information than the English ones, and can help a lot.

What's in it for you?

New experience of raising a wiki language domain for the whole game. Participating in the Wild Terra evolution. Help system is going to become an important part of the game, and this is where the wiki contributors can play a great role. In-game awards like premium, gold and even unique mounts and cloaks. However, don't expect any free resources or stats/skills upgrades for your character, this is an absolute taboo for us.

If you are interested, please introduce yourself at, providing any info about you and your experience that you think may be useful.

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, here is the wiki we are talking about:

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Update 8.32. Next edition of characteristics, display the damage and much more


Steam-client will update automatically
Download the new client version...
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

Purchase Wild Terra Online with a discount Improvements and fixes 0.8.32

Added modifiers from the characteristics:

melee multiplier ranged multiplier cooldown of the skill "dodge" chance of finding resources that require skill "gathering"

Fixed several bugs related to sending free products for auction.
Added displaying information about the damage and the combat status over the heads of animals and players.
Changed amount of wood in the cell from 50 to 100.
Strongly increased the experience gain on the characteristics of all combat skills and the "gathering" skill.
For all types of zones, the number of spawning sticks and stones has been greatly reduced.
The stage of withering of ornamental plants is greatly increased (5 times).
Increased skill requirements for the collection of ornamental plants, honey.
Lowered skill requirements for madder and seeds.
Twice increased chance of finding seeds of ornamental plants during the drying process.
Fixed a bug where more resources could be added to one cell than allowed.
Added wild rye, requires a little gathering skill, when collecting there is a chance to get hay.
A new type of clay deposit has been added, a smaller production skill is required. Gives less clay than a standard deposit, shovel not required.
Increased skill requirements for the collection of a standard clay deposit.
A bucket breaks more slowly when used with a well and a fountain.
Fixed an error in calculating bonuses of armor from raw and dried skin.
Fixed displaying a list of necessary resources for a craft or repair showing overhead when there is a shortage. Now only the list of missing materials is displayed.
Fixed a rare client freezing error, which appeared in the patch 0.8.31.
The client shell version has been updated.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.

@Sadico We lost some abilities that worked before patch in PvE will fix that. You can snare in PvE with axe skill, bolas, there were also crit damage skill from throwing that needs fixing back because stoped working, After adding stats a lot of mobs will need some reviw, And we will add some abilities aginst them in PvE

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Paceum iron

@Sadico Yes. For PvE there is no reason to craft anything better than iron. Mostly steel and noble are only for PvP use only. Steel absorption will mostly block all incoming ranged damage from everything like short bows and worse. Noble will be able to block even composite bows. Steel is not vital content for PvE use. Perhaps some pickaxes to farm more before your character will get tired. But nothing more. If you will farm cursed lands or bears in noble armor that will just be a waste of steel and nothing else )

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Early Access Pack

@zanza there is difference for you where to buy the game. Those keys are absolutely identical. The only difference, that we get more money when somebody buying from our site :)

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Only registered users can view it.

Discussion about game mechanics

Can someone tell me how to make charcoal?

@glauberzin put some logs into pottery kiln, add any fuel (wood, staves, branches) and fire it up.

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No flowers, honey and large clay... WHY and WHERE??

Now I know everything;) Thank you;)

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Noob Rider

Thank you Ultum :)
Sadly I lost my horse after I dismounted to shoot a deer- it ran off and was never seen again...but now I know how to dismount :)

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Discussion about innovations.
Request for Weapons to "Break" Instead of Disappear

Thanks for considering!

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Make Spices Great (again...??)

Awesome things are coming, huh.
I can't wait to see more alchemy recipes.

PS: I didn't see your email.... I just sent your another one. lol

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Another one - Waypoints!

@Space-Cowboy it is already in development plan, but it goes after implementation of all critical game mechanics.

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Official Spanish-speaking forum

Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polska Gildia - Banici z Vitios

ja chetnie o ile gracie i jeszcze szukacie

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