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Save 80% when purchasing Wild Terra Online!

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Summer Sale!
Save 80% when purchasing Wild Terra Online!

On the Wild Terra website:
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Play fair so you do not get a ban


Be careful. We have uncovered and stopped the activity of a group of unscrupulous players using third-party software to hack thе game client. We have information about attempts to sell this hacking software. Its use will irreversibly lead to the blocking of your account in the game.

We only allow modifications to improve the interface, for example, plug-ins for displaying different types of arrows or indication of armor breakage.

We support only fair play!

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The game in the Wild Terra universe - “Corrupted” is now available on Steam!


Purchase Corrupted on Steam with 20% discount

The game tells the story of the Corrupted Lands. A brave warrior goes in search of a younger sister who disappeared after the curse that fell on the village. The protagonist, shoulder to shoulder with the hunter girl, unravels the wily intentions of the Warlock, the Witch and the King, who is also involved in this. But will the characters understand what happened and find the missing sister?

Corrupted - the mix of arcade, RPG and visual novel. Fight off the hordes of monsters and break through to the truth. Discover new skills and improve your combat arsenal. The ground under your feet will be strewn with skulls of enemies!


A full-scale campaign of 20 chapters. Fight in forests, forts, corrupted lands, wastelands, on the town square and in the throne room. A large arsenal and a wide variety of opponents. A twisted story with a lot of characters - King, Witch, Counselor, Warlock and many others.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
Guild The Sword Gang Server Casual PvP Ventar

Guild The Sword Gang on server Casual PvP Ventar looking for members. We have a discord, a voice chat and everyone is welcome. We only require basic knowledge of English and activity, we are looking for active players. We do not require a discord but we do have and we use it. Colleagues and girls, welcome. Link to ur discord channel in guild note. Link to my steam profile below:

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Why the trap for deer can´t be thrown over the fawn level 8?

Hello, I´m Spanish.

When I go with the trap for deer in the hand and point to the fawn level 8 it appears that it´s necessary to have domestication level 18, I have the level. But when I have corralled the fawn and I clik on it not thrown the trap. Appears an indication that says "throw the trap to capture" but not thrown it. It happens in the Ignos server, I don ´t know if it happens in the others. Is it a bug?. I have asked in other forums and there is no answer.


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Growth stages for plants/trees suggestion.

AFAIK the only way to tell at what growth stage a plant/tree is at is through experience or comparing what you see with the images in the data files i.e.: crop_grapes.webp.

Can you make it easier to tell at what growth stage a plant/tree is by adding the following?

New line for a plant/tree's tooltip, under “Farming ##”.
Growth stages for plants=
1. Seedling (unwatered/unfertilized)
2. Growing Seedling (watered/fertilized)
3. “Plant name” Shoots
4. Young “Plant name” (can be harvested)
5. Mature “Plant name” (can be harvested, highest yield)
6. Hay (exclusive stage for flax/rye/barley/weeds)
7. Withered “Plant name”

Growth stages for trees=
1. Sapling (unwatered/unfertilized)
2. Growing Sapling (watered/fertilized)
3. Young “Tree name” Sapling
4. Young “Tree name”
5. Mature “Tree name” (can be harvested)
6. Picked “Tree name” (already been harvested)
8. Withered “Tree name”
9. Dead “Tree name”

Or something like it.

And if there’s still enough space, a “Growth stage 1 of 4” below it, unless it’s redundunt.

0_1527064939593_Growth stages.jpg

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Discussion about game mechanics

How i can bould next to other player ?

there is a mininium distance in between dominiuns, i guess it is 3 tiles for pve servers and 10 tiles for pvp servers. Keep in mind that you will need more space to increase your dominium so i would recomend to build a bit far from your friend.

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Ceramic tanning vat Slots/ produtivity

@Raffa said in Ceramic tanning vat Slots/ produtivity:

With this setup how many will be produced per 2-hour cycle?


With the wooden vat you have 10 slots so you produce 8 every cicle of 50 minutes, but it is much harder to build, so the way for now is to build a bunch of ceramic vats.

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Logging in without Steam

@Edit just click steam box, log in with your steam ID/pass and done

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Discussion about innovations.
French translation


If you want to select a language that is not listed in the steam properties, but that is listed in the game folder "locale".

There is a config file, config.js, in the game folder
For the french language for example :
Lign 36 in notepad++ :
var FORCED_LOCALE = null;
var FORCED_LOCALE = 'fr'; (don't forgot punctuation)

Anyway i offered my help to complete the translation of the game to french.

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Simplified graphics option

Good idea.

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Maybe you're right, I need to check it out. My information may be incomplete, outdated, thank you for the information and I will check it out, but I believe it sounds reasonable enough.

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Foro oficial de habla hispana

¡Ahorra 80% al comprar Wild Terra Online!

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¡Venta de verano! ¡Ahorre 80% al comprar Wild Terra en línea!

En el sitio web de Wild Terra:
En Steam:

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Official Brazilian forum

Guilda br

@Bruno to la na iktos, jogando sozinho a 1 mes quase, boto fé total de fazer uma guilda.

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Lista aaktywnych graczy!!!

daniofordon dalej gra i jest z nami w gildi. Gramy, mamy 13 osób/15 i jesteśmy aktywni, ciągle coś robimy a to wydobycia, a to oblężenie więc zapraszam serdecznie. Serwer Ventar, Casual PvP, gildia The Sword Gang. Mamy też swój serwer na discord na który serdecznie zapraszamy, link do naszego serwera na discord poniżej:

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