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Video review of Update 8.40-8.41. Redesign of the interface


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Update 8.42. Daily quests and special tasks for beginners


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Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and Early Access rewards right now! Improvements and fixes 0.8.42

Added quests for newly created characters to help beginners understand the game.
Added daily quests for all players. Every day you can undertake the quest, at the end of which a reward is provided.
Entering the game every day, you can accumulate up to 3 quests at a time.
Once a day, canceling the quest, you can get a new one
Currently only simple quests are available. In the near future will be added difficult quests, with more valuable rewards.
You can open the quest log from the corresponding menu by clicking on the quest's name, or using the hotkey B.
The work with the user interface was carried out, a number of windows received a new design.
Reduced the amount of seeds obtained when consuming pumpkin.
Reduced stamina cost for Throwing weapon skills.
Increased stamina cost for attacks by axes.
Increased stamina cost for attacks by blunts.
The attack radius of throwing spears is increased.
Dodge now expends stamina.
Changed the requirements for the construction Warm sleeping place.

The system of updating models of characters, animals and monsters on the screen has been revised.
Work on server stabilization has been done.
Fixed a bug due to which after pressing the Ctrl + LMB key, the character began to attack without stopping until the RMB was pressed.
Fixed a bug due to which sometimes during the shooting did not update the indicator durability of weapons and the number of shells to it.
The error of creation, expansion and transfer of dominium at the edge of the map on PvP-servers has been fixed.
Fixed a bug where the action occurs on the move and is canceled by stopping, but the bar above the character's head and its animation is still ongoing.
Fixed a bug due to which there was no sound of death, if the character's model has not yet been loaded or replaced with an icon.
Fixed a bug due to which in some cases after the creation of the character the game did not start and it was necessary to restart.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
The 'L' key and other tips

1_1510929905164_2.jpg 0_1510929905164_1.jpg

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Promo steam-keys pack

oh key would be so nice

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Update 8.42. Daily quests and special tasks for beginners

I think I'll rewrite quest distribution system. It appears to be not quite clear and easy to use. I got some feedback about it already.

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Discussion about game mechanics

Hiw often does the Stats Screen update?

@Hangfire Wait till server merges to find you out on populated one. You'll be impressed about how different one game can be. Low populated servers really have a lot of content locked due to not enough players to experience and use all game's opportunities.

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Craftsman bonus toggle

no, there isnt.
just pay more attention xD
when i was starting i always stock materials so when i get the bonus i use all of it in a single skill that i wanted.

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How to destroy Dominion in wild lands?

@Corazon Try PvP server siege. However we will remake all achievments very soon. Before release date. A lot of them are too outdated.

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Discussion about innovations.
Future of the Game - Suggestion

Not keen on the idea of taxation unless you have a way to opt out or if they are voluntary contributions. Taxation is essentially a form of theft by force. Not acceptable to me.

Alternate suggestion to villages/cities (when the game is far out of alpha/beta and in full release most likely):
Lets say when you've done all of your research and maxed out your skills, you have the option to "move" to a new server that is essentialy the next era of development.

In this case,

Stage 1 is the learning stage, like WTO is now. Hunt craft, learn skills, practice them, become acquainted with the locals... etc

Stage 2 could be villages/cities with a player run social and/or political structure. (current / modern era) While this aspect is either a love or hate relationship, it is likely a necessary step in the evolution of society to experience and move beyond.

Stage 3 could be perhaps a form of utopia where the focus is on technological advancement and improving the overall human condition. This could lead to perhaps space exploration which opens up a HUGE plethera of new crafting / skill sets and game play.

In my experience in both games and life, for many years; is that if people are left to control their sandbox, they tend to mimic the already established governmental and economic strutures which are nothing more than control mechanisms. Herd mentality, so-to-speak.

With that being said, I love the sandbox concept. Being able to do and control as many environment variables as possible in a game makes for a great diversity in possibilities and fun. However, a proverbial waypoint to steer the direction towards something that isn't a form of governmental, sociological or economic slavery under the guise of freedom; would be ideal.

Positions of power and/or control over other players; This is where things become dangerous - I've played several games that have had systems like this and it always leads to 3 classes of players.

The political power hungary guru who want to make everything the way they want it at the expense of everyone else. They will lie, cheat and steal their way to accomplish their means to an end without remorse or conscience. The ones who want to be helpful and participate in these roles of "power" to be supportive but in reality they end up supporting the sociopaths. Additionally the temptation for abuse of power always exists and is more often than not, exploited. The ones who avoid 1 and 2 at all cost because they do not like the idea of being controlled.

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amount of meat

Try to lvl up your skill and equipment you can skin 4 times more meat from deer than from hare.

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Random Animal Carcasses

Agree with this idea. It makes logistical sense. Additionally, from what I've seen so far, it is difficult to acquire help in obtaining a bear hide. The popularity doesn't seem high enough in the servers (yet or at least the one I'm on) for the law of averages to work out. I understand that there must be things that can't be done solo but the carcasses is a great suggestion.

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Foro oficial de habla hispana

Quisiera jugarlo tienen una key para mi xD

mire ingresa aca estan regalandolas. saludos te esperamos en servidor lopius PVPón

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Official Brazilian forum

problemas depois da atualização

galera comprei o jogo dia 26/10 e ontem dia 27/10, depois da atualização não consigo mais jogar, quando abre a tela, começa a carregar e instantaneamente o jogo fecha, alguem sabe o que pode estar acontecendo?

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polscy gracze na Vitios

Niestety nie wiem jak włączyć info o pozycji na mapie - wcześniej było chyba pod klawiszem "P" ale teraz klawisz nie reaguje a pod innym nie znalazłem. Mam hacjendę bardzo blisko górnej krawędzi mapy koło górnego prawego rogu strefy skażonej..

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