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Penetrating blow

So with the last change in the mechanics of the penetrating blow it will still be necessary to use a noble armor to avoid receiving a penetrating blow of 85 damage.

Because the problem with dreametr having the ability to do a penetrating blow is that he can do a massive damage. The frequency does not make much difference because he can kill you in 1 blow practically

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Iron too little for too much player

@Dopsen I can see your point and agree to an extent because each server is different in regards to PvP, but that said, I do not think there will be much of an effect on PvP as you believe. Players that want to attack other players will do so anywhere not just the disputed lands. If anything, this may increase PvP because it will create more curiosity for players not knowing if their victim has a backpack full of iron or just seeds. Also, this will create a sense of realism and dread for PvP players because now you will never know where the Guild mobs are, or when you will be attacked in force. Right now, everyone knows where most of the guildies are hanging out so they do not fear many areas of the map. By randomizing iron spawn all over the map, now guild player mobs can be anywhere, and there would no longer be guilds having the monopoly on iron. Everyone would have a fair chance at getting it, and the atmosphere of the game would become extremely intense, and more fun...Just my thoughts... :)

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South America Casual PvP

@Tenente-Thiago said in South America Casual PvP:

first of all iktos appears in interface with name AMERICA server, maybe (MAYBE) with the name SOUTHAMERICA SERVER it wont be too empty server. first i'm talking about brazilians game style, if someone say something about create new server to 3-5 people i think the game is going to it. because ventar is a empty servers just like iktos! if all of you say the true and not me, SURELY the servers must be FULL OF PLAYERS AND IT's DONT HAPPENS! i'm here giving one solution to the game not to me. i like the game but the true is the game is boring cuz none is playing that every single day more and more players deeds are failing down. peoples are leaving the game and who continue playing every days play less hours. if i'm wrong and all you are correct. let see what's happens with the time. because what's happen now it's the numbers of players decreasing in ventar and iktos. 1 mouth ago i was playing alot of hours every day now i play just one hour or less, 1 hour in 3 days to waste points. the ADM can check what's i'm talking about, everyone plays less. sorry for poor english, looking for other sandbox and just playing a bit wildterra for now. bye

Im brazilian, as i said, and i love hardcore full loop pvp game. Idk what you are talking about. Good luck finding another casual low ping sandbox southamerican game.]

Btw i didn't said iktos was full of players, tbh is not, but i don't think creating a casual southamerican server will solve that.

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Discussion about game mechanics

About another skills

will another skills be implemented, in the future? just like fishing, herbalist, alchemist?

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when I training taming, what kind of stat increases? Intelligence?

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Construction and Iron Chest [Low priority]

@Fringe Me too.

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Discussion about innovations.
elemental of resource

I feel little desire to go to the corrupted lands since the loot is not worth it. But I'm already saturated with getting behind resources.

Why not join the useful to the pleasant?

With elementals of several resourse we would have a greater variety of mobs and he could drop the resources as loot.
Think of an element of iron that drops iron (the higher the level the greater the quantity) a fire elemental that drops coal, a copper that drops covers a poison that drops wood or seeds and so on.

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I think that is a good add to the game. Carriage to transport mats and stuffs or anything. Some type use horses.

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South America Casual PVP

@Jackal Ventar is North America, and ping is more than 150 in Brazil.

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Foro oficial de habla hispana

Los golpes penetrantes serán refinados y reconfigurados

alt text

Prestamos atención a sus comentarios sobre los golpes penetrantes agregados al juego en la actualización 9.50. Hemos finalizado y reconfigurado esta mecánica. Los cambios ya están agregados a todos los servidores.

Los golpes con cuchilla perforadora ya no causan daños críticos.

Habilidad "Abalanzarse" ahora da un golpe penetrante y causa sangrado.
La habilidad "Abalanzarse" ahora inflige un 120% de daño en vez de un 100%.
La habilidad "Golpe Mortal" ahora da un golpe penetrante y causa sangrado.
La habilidad "Golpe Mortal" ahora inflige un 150% de daño en lugar de disparar un golpe crítico.
El Draemeter tiene una posibilidad 2 veces menor de dar un golpe penetrante, y el daño máximo de esta es limitado, ya que el daño cada vez mayor a menudo conduce a la muerte instantánea en los servidores hardcore.
El error de cálculo incorrecto de las bonificaciones cuando se retira el equipo en algunos casos es fijo.

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Official Brazilian forum


@Tenente-Thiago said in SERVIDOR BRASILEIRO:

Iktos é brasileiro, porém é hardcore não se adapta muito ao estilo de jogo da maioria dos brasileiros

vou ter que discordar, servidor iktos tem muitos brasileiros que gostam deste estilo hardcore full loot pvp. Eu mesmo conheço muita gente que curte este estilo de jogo. Não posso dizer que a maioria dos brasileiros gamers são fãs deste estilo, pois cairia em um erro ao generalizar. Porque não toma coragem e joga no Iktos, hardcore é so um nome LOL

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polskie Gildie

Nadal poszukujemy aktywnych graczy. Zapraszamy do wspólnej gry!!!

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