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New details of the Great Summer Update - 3

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As you already know, now we are working on a major update, the details of which we disclose in a series of short news.

In the upcoming update will be a new construction - Stone Crusher. It will work similar to the mill and is designed for more convenient production Rough hewn stones from the ordinary ones and Well hewn from rough ones.

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Coupon with 40% discount on Corrupted for all owners of Wild Terra!

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Сoupon is already in your Steam inventory!

Also, all those who will buy the Wild Terra Online within a week, will receive a coupon.

All our games you can find on the developer's page:
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Save 20% by purchasing 5 Scrolls of Warp!


20% OFF on all 5X sets Scrolls of Warp! The offer is limited.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
Why the trap for deer can´t be thrown over the fawn level 8?

Would you erase this topic?

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Guild The Sword Gang Server Casual PvP Ventar

@Dantus - Not a problem at all sir! Thank you very much for the links!

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Is the game dead?

@ShadowBG I'll tell you the only truth I know. It depends on what you mean, dead? I do not know myself, I only know that the forums and e-mails are not the authors of the game are not answering me, not just me. Players play, my server is full of active people, but unfortunately the developers of the game do not reply to the forum, e-mail or introduce any new updates. In terms of response feedback from creators and updates, it is dead, painstaking kept alive.

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Discussion about game mechanics

Craft ratio decrease

Ok, i got it, thanks

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I can´t throw the trap on the level 8 deer to tame it.

Resolved. First the lariat for deer and horses is throw to slow down and after the lariat for deer to capture.

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Best Weapons on PvE

What are the best melee weapons to hunt animals (wolfs and low level bears) and kill mobs in Corrupted Lands? I am not sure if Woodwoses wear armor or not.

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Discussion about innovations.
Advanced Cooking is not profitable.

In the hardcore server is not easy to eat well, the apple trees are scarce and it takes several days to grow them. In addition other players take the apples or cut the apple trees.

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Feature Request: Guild level access to dominium


Right now you can only grant 5 users access to your dominium. It would be nice if there were a checkbox to allow all Guild members build and/or open access. If this is too difficult, or just as a temporary workaround, adding more slots to the list would work as well.


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Hello, I´m Spanish. I think that the difference between required levels can be explained in the social relations of the game. Who don´t have level of carpentry to build a wine press can work for the lord of the castle who has it and needs workers to make food for the army.

Is logical that a pan can be used as a weapon, a peasant-hunter would defend himself in his property with what he has at hand. If he´s attacked from behind while cooking he can defend himself without losing time changing the object in his hand.

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Foro oficial de habla hispana

estadisticas help

@HellNT vaya men gracias eso fue interesante y de mucha ayuda, tenes idea como afecta la barra amarilla, seria vision del artesano? yo quiero orientarme a melee tanque, pero ya tengo casi todo en 7, le puse candado a las habilidades que no voy a subir hasta saber luego como bajar las demás y que no me afecte tanto, estoy en un server jc lo cual seria punto mdio entre harcore y casual. gracias por tu aporte

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Official Brazilian forum

Vem pro Ventar

Pessoal que ainda ta jogando, tem poucos players no jogo, se juntem no ventar !

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Aktywność graczy/czy warto?

@Dzidka wpadaj na Ignos, zgłoś się w polskim czacie do gildii Legions of Immortals (jedyna trzymająca się jeszcze polska społecznośc), ktoś napewno będzie żeby Cię przyjąć, a dalej podpowiemy co i jak :D

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