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Update 8.46. Preparing for the release of the game


Steam-client will update automatically
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Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount right now! Improvements and fixes 0.8.46

The alpha version of the game is over, officially the status changes to Beta.
All Alpha version servers were closed, all the current progress is available for saving to the Avanium server. Selecting the server Avanium player is given the opportunity to save any of the existing characters for the continuation of the game.
Added 4 types of servers. Details on the features of each kind can be seen in the tooltip, pointing the mouse at the name of the server.
For hardcore servers and Avionium, a system for detecting all types of ore is introduced, depending on the level of intelligence and mining. The system works similarly to the already existing collection and perception system.
The founding fathers were given the promised rare pets.
The delete character button has been moved to the Game section.
Guild castles will no longer generate a tribute.
Locks guild will no longer generate a tribute.
On the character creation screen is now playing music.
Added 6 decorative flower bed recipes.
Items from Halloween disappeared from the auction.
Redesigned and revised formulas for calculating PvE damage for all types of servers.
Gold compensation was paid to all players.
Temporarily disabled the ability to build a guild castle for gold.
Fixed a bug where when renaming a character, his name on the dominium did not change.
Poultry house balance is changed. Obtaining eggs is reduced, obtaining feathers is increased, the cycle time is increased.
The principle of causing damage from small arms on all servers has been changed. If the quality of the ammunition is insufficient, the damage is absorbed.
The principle of levelling of combat skills has been changed. The difference between skill and opponent levels should not exceed 10. In the absence of damage, no experience is gained.
Changed the start of the destruction of the dominium when the player is inactive from 7 days to a month.
Fixed a bug in the mines.
Fixed a bug in displaying goods in the players store.
Fixed an issue where hints for quests did not disappear from the screen.
The error of the description in the mission "Forge iron while hot" is corrected.
The error of the description of the crucible shop has been fixed.
Fixed craft window error.
Fixed a bug where an error window was displayed on the screen, by clicking the middle mouse button.
Fixed a bug not displaying the arrowheads on the auction.
Fixed a bug that caused all players to disconnect from the server.
Fixed bug riding sideways on mounts.
The error of incorrect display of information on inactive combat skills has been fixed.
Fixed a critical error that caused the server to shutdown while working with the guild bank.

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Steam version is no longer supports languages: French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Romanian

alt text

Unfortunately, the game is not fully translated into some languages: French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Romanian. We are forced to temporarily disable their support in the Steam version of the game. However, when playing through the site, you can still play using incomplete translations. All translations of Wild Terra are made and supported by volunteers.
If you want to help us with the translation into these languages, please write to us at

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Wild Terra Online will be released December 18. Details about new servers and transfer

alt text
Friends! The time has come when we are ready to announce the release date of the game. We were forced to keep this information in secret until the last moment as there were too many factors beyond our control that could affect these terms. Now we are working with final preparations so you can enjoy the game on new servers on December 18th. And those who supported us purchasing the game in the early access - will be able to try out new servers on this weekend.

On December 15 all current Alpha servers will be closed. Avanium will be available in the server list for all players. The game will offer you a choice of a list of all your characters available for transfer. You will have to make a choice in favor of one the most important and expensive for you. Dominium with all the warehouses and containers, all property and belongings will be automatically placed in your inventory in the form of a deed. After moving to a new server you can place your dominium from this scroll in any place you like and continue playing with hundreds of other players. Note: for transfer you need at least one free cell in your character's inventory otherwise he risks leaving your dominium on the old server.

Also the list of new release servers will be displayed for all players. Depending on your access status - each player will see the date when the creation of new characters will be available for him. The first wave of players will be admitted to the servers already on Saturday December 16.

Each release server provides a tooltip with a description of the features of the game on this particular selected server. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the features of new servers before creating a character.

Wish you all good luck and pleasant game.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
Server Merges/Wipes?

@Xane all your founder rewards will stay with you on any server.

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I can help with loading screen translations

@Chuggi Thank you.

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Promo steam-keys pack

Hi,its too late. The game is in release stage. Buy this game,its 100% worth.

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Discussion about game mechanics

Release Servers and item's pieces

Good Day for all players .....

I was decided not to keep this discussion futher but i saw @Xane understanding my point and since i was alone now i feel the necessity to not let him alone ....

After the discution i start to think in what to do .... and those thoughts that i will share now with you will bring some light ....

First is about Avanium server ... if i understand correct it will be more than a server that will bring all of servers together .... it will be a server for tests ... that being say who can say here for sure that in a few mounths or even a couple years Avanium will also be deleted? Let me say this ... I DO NOT KNOW OR EVEN SAYING THAT IT WILL HAPPEN ... i am just shooting the subject forward .....

Xane .... besides "our investments seemingly worthless" witch i agree with you ... i wanna say this ... we will get a refund .... lots of people will have enought to buy all recepies in the store, other will add cash buying recepies until it drop High Domain, Noble Domain (i dont know if the name is right because i play in portuguese) so for my point of view this is not a balance situation as the owners are saying, and i will say more, it will bring lots of "bucks" from people that will be crazy to achive certain recepies ... so this is not a Balanced decision ....

Another thing is this thing that bothers me a lot ... i am almost 40 years old, i play MMO since Ultima Online in 97 ... and i can say for sure that NOT ALMOST ALL GAMES ALPHA WIPE .... if we really going to check the best it will be 50 to 50% for those who wipe for those who dont ....

I told this earlier and i will say again .... i am not pleased to be moved to a PVE server and i am therefore no thankfull for that .....

It will not be balanced, and it will not protect new players that is starting the game .... if the concern is a new player that enter in the server be kill it for an old player that issue is easily solved adding a New Player Status to the new players on the game for a time to be determined, so the new player with this status cant suffer or deal PVP and that is it .... make a new player status for a period of a mounth and the new player has more than time to get strong and compete with others ... PROBLEM SOLVED.

And i agree with you again Xander when you bring this:

"I also think the makers are doing themselves a disservice by not allowing the early access to bring over there property and characters into the new servers. For the following reasons:

There will be no mentors in a sense for the new players to lean on for advice or items or building help. There will be no economy in terms of auctions or stores in the beginning. There won't be any nice building or properties for new players to see whats possible to achieve."

And @Angrrrry ... if there is so little people in PVP you should create just ONE server PVP for everybody and let us move there with our stuff .... i belive we all be very happy.

Good game to you all!

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Found a deer mount in a godsend

@Pinochle said in Found a deer mount in a godsend:

When I log out with this horse mount from a godsend, it does not go away even if I am not on it. My pig went away when I logged out not on him, but this horse does not. So I need to find 50 hay so I can build a stable and try placing him in there.

Can't you just leave your horse shut in your domain? I do see some loose in domains. (But then I once had a wild deer materialise on mine.) Presumably you don't have the special item in your inventory to allow you to call it either.

I guess it is the difference between a permanent mount like the initial armoured boar (Beta play only) and ones that can die, like the ones that roam the countryside. I found a very handy speed 100 boar in a godsend and that acts like the original and goes away between logins. Though I have added some stables so I don't have two items used up in my inventory.

Hay can be obtained from a large sowing of barley or rye (I think it is both) and leaving it to over-ripen. But if you don't have seed then it can take a while to build up reserves first...

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Try to be more careful next time :) Are we talking about PvP or PvE? Didn't get why you don't shoot with right click not to fail with running. I have big PvP experience and know ZERO PvPers who use left click to shoot. No. Each time you will try to use Hunting Bow in PvP you will be punished for choosing wrong slow weapon. Riding reduce all your resists, block chances evades etc. Also for PvP reasons only. Try to be more careful next time :)
6-7). Etc yes it's all on purpose. PvP players are usually dedicated to process so if you have problems like shooting hunting bow in PvP or trying to escape or choose wrong stat build for it. Just avoid PvP. This part of the game will be only harder and harder and more competitive with each month. However we added easy PvP server that will save your gear for those who want PvP but can't handle with losses each time. Its a question of time to make UI more convenient. Because changing weapon before cool down ends not allowed. That will brake auto equip option work. a-b Try to browse character tab with summary info. Information on picture you provided completely answer your question. Defense 9% means defense 9%, absorb 3 means absorb 3 don’t know how to write it other way.
11)a Fame = fame. More you kill more you get. It changes your name color.
b It's only for you to laugh.
c Hatchet means you equip tool of this quality. 100=iron quality 100. Your bronze 99 works only by 71%. Quality affects your success chances and harvest efficiency..
d damage 15% is your overall damage bonus - 100 damage + 15% = 115 damage.
e 65% defense means you will have 65% defense vs damage. 100 damage - 65% = 35 damage.

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Discussion about innovations.
Some ideas for improvement.

Bump for new additions / updates to suggestions list.

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Burned myself on the Bloomery

@Angrrrry Very good, thank you. I understand the time factor and priorities in programming all to well :)

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Doctor Visit

What will you do if they prescribe a laxative... (sorry, couldn't resist).

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Foro oficial de habla hispana

Wild Terra Online se lanzará el 18 de diciembre. Detalles sobre nuevos servidores y transferencia

alt text

¡Amigos! Ha llegado el momento en que estamos listos para anunciar la fecha de lanzamiento del juego. Nos vimos obligados a mantener esta información en secreto hasta el último momento, ya que había demasiados factores fuera de nuestro control que podrían afectar estos términos. Ahora estamos trabajando con los preparativos finales para que puedas disfrutar del juego en los nuevos servidores el 18 de diciembre . Y aquellos que nos apoyaron comprando el juego en el primer acceso, podrán probar nuevos servidores en este fin de semana.

El 15 de diciembre todos los servidores Alpha actuales estarán cerrados. Avanium estará disponible en la lista de servidores para todos los jugadores. El juego te ofrecerá una opción de una lista de todos tus personajes disponibles para transferencia. Deberá elegir entre uno de los más importantes y costosos para usted. Dominium con todos los almacenes y contenedores, todas las propiedades y pertenencias se colocarán automáticamente en su inventario en forma de escritura. Después de mudarse a un nuevo servidor, puede colocar su dominio desde este pergamino en el lugar que desee y continuar jugando con cientos de otros jugadores. Nota: para la transferencia necesita al menos una celda libre en el inventario de su personaje, de lo contrario corre el riesgo de dejar su dominium en el servidor anterior.

También se mostrará la lista de nuevos servidores de lanzamiento para todos los jugadores. Dependiendo de su estado de acceso, cada jugador verá la fecha en que la creación de nuevos personajes estará disponible para él. La primera oleada de jugadores será admitida en los servidores el sábado 16 de diciembre.

Cada servidor de lanzamiento proporciona una información sobre herramientas con una descripción de las características del juego en este servidor seleccionado en particular. Recomendamos encarecidamente que se familiarice con todas las funciones de los servidores nuevos antes de crear un personaje.

Les deseo buena suerte y juego agradable.

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Official Brazilian forum

Quantidade de jogadores

Haverá uma fusão de servidores pronto, transferência planejada de todos os jogadores de todos os servidores será realizada. O jogador com seu dominium com todos os objetos de valor vai se mudar para um novo servidor onde o jogo pode continuar.

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polscy gracze na Vitios

gracie nadal? nie chce ktoś się przyłączyć do gry? serwer PVP nick Daniofordon . :)

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