Important events and messages.
Update 8.39. Halloween in Wild Terra!


Darkness descended on the land. Predators were cursed and turned into zombie animals. The world of Wild Terra needs your help!

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Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and Early Access rewards right now! Improvements and fixes 0.8.39

Added the Unholy monsters - fox, boar, wolf, bear, carnivorous pumpkin.
After killing the Unholy monsters, the player gets a chance to collect the green brains of zombies from them with a knife. The skill of freshness and the quality of the knife do not affect the chance, it depends on the type of animal.
The received brains can be exchanged for valuable prizes at an auction in the tab "Events"
The witch's hat is added. Has light armor parameters, it gives movement speed bonus to the owner. Available for exchange for brains at auction, has several quality options.
The Pumpkin helmet is added to the game. Has the parameters of heavy armor, gives a bonus to the blocking the shield to its owner. Available for exchange for brains at auction, has several quality options.
Added various Unholy pets. Available for exchange for brains at auction. Pets can defend themselves if someone attacks them.
Added Jack o'lanterns. Available for exchange for brains at auction. They will be needed to complete the mini event quest for the sprouting of a Unholy tree.

Added Halloween Unholy trees. It’s grow in random places, a player with the Jack o'lantern can decorate this tree 3 times. Each time, a guards will be called up, which must be killed in order to be able to continue the quest. After full decoration and victory on all waves of guards, the player has the opportunity to get a sprout of a Home Halloween Tree, which is necessary for the construction of decorative tree, or gets the brains of zombies in case of failure.

Added a new effect - poisoning. All dUnholy monsters are able to use this effect on the enemy. The victim of poisoning begins to quickly lose his stamina.
Added a new template of the wooden fort. All built forts were rebuilt automatically.
Implemented display of the guild name on the stone of the guild castle.
Changed the size and colors of the interface fonts and slowed the display of messages. All fonts have become larger and brighter, and messages remain longer.
The craft menu has been redesigned, layout logic has been changed, number of items has decreased, and navigation has become more intuitive.

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Rewards for help in the development of Wild Terra. Names in the credits and the Founder's kit


Friends! Throughout the development of Wild Terra, many people help us in every possible way: translating the game and other materials, filling the wiki, searching for errors and its detailed reports, detecting vulnerabilities, and other similar help.

We want to thank you for your contribution to the development of the game! Everyone who helped the project develop - will receive the unique Foundet's kit , and their names will be recorded in the credits.

If you think that you also contributed to the game - be sure to email us
Please include the following information in the email:

Name "nickname" Surname (for the credits); SteamID (enter the game via Steam and you'll see the numeric id under Help button); How did you help Wild Terra (remember, we have your messages in tech support (specify your email if bugs are reported in this way), as well as topics and messages on the forums (specify your nickname if you reported errors there) if there was other help - tell us about it).

After we make sure that you have really contributed, we will add you to a special list of those who will receive rewards. Emails are accepted until November 12, 2017. If you have not helped before, but want to start - you have a chance to get a reward! Start helping Wild Terra in the ways described above. Thanks to everyone who has ever helped Wild Terra develop!

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Update 8.38. Increase stat scrolls. The effect of the 13th level stat


Steam-client will update automatically
Download the new client version...
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and Early Access rewards right now!

Updated the shell of the game client.

Added scrolls to increase the +1 performance. Using the scroll, you can also overcome the limit to the maximum level of the characteristic, having received the effect of the 13th level. At the same time, only one characteristic can be increased, the duration of the scroll effect is 1 hour. Reusing a same scroll increases the effect time by 1 hour. At death the bonus is saved, time in an offline is not considered. The cancellation of the scroll effect before the expiration of time is impossible.
New scrolls are available in treasures, lottery chests, as a reward for killing monsters in the Corrupted Lands, and can be purchased in the in-game shop. Scrolls transmitted, can be sold through an auction.

Fixed scales of bonuses from the characteristics, taking into account the addition of the possibility of obtaining the 13th level characteristics.
Fixed the error of the incorrect principle of saturation with an increased Strength.
Fixed skill "Pounce", requires a light armor for its use.
Fixed a critical error with the addition of grouse to the pet house.
Fixed the error of interrupting the counting of feedings by throwing the pet on the ground.
Added automatic disappearance of unique, gift and premium mounts.
Unique, gift and premium mounts no longer interfere with summoning a new one.
Added management of following mounts - the corresponding switch is added to the Actions window
According to the results of tests and reviews, the attack mode for mounts is disabled - this mechanic will be reworked.
Fixed the distance on which pets follow the owner, now they do not interfere with him.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
Promo steam-keys pack

@Piotto Pm please. Others found their way to my Private messages and got their keys )

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Small Question

@ZhaoKuro You saves all gold and purple items and you waste others with no repair. To make 1 perfect item you will need to craft 10-30 items. Any idea why its repair must be not at full cost considering with don't reduce durability after each repair?

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need help, how to catch a guild castle

@smiler1989 Ram or Ballista. Do it in siege hours.

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Discussion about game mechanics

Max Skill Levels

@Angrrrry Thank you (=

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ahhh. omg, thank you.

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How long will the Halloween event last?

@skeng you don't get any brains from evil tree. Only chance of seeds and a lantern.

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Discussion about innovations.
Future of the Game - Suggestion

@ZhaoKuro Well just try to browse some medieval info. Spices always were the currency and cost much more than gold...

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@Waylander said in Suggestions:

@ZhaoKuro I like the idea of an oasis, would have to be a more generic term considering oasis is desert based.
But instead of being ablke to collect water and food, make it a self sufficient camp site, a large area where you can drop a campfire which takes into account endless supply of wood to burn (you dont need to collect) and as you sit next to it your fatigue restores then your health. Each time stamp automatically feeds you in 2 or 3 areas and provides water to boost fatigue restoration.

indeed, way better

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Trading spices/Cooking

@dopesoap Will have with recipes to revive mounts and pets after new mounts-pets system competition.

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Foro oficial de habla hispana

Actualización 8.39. ¡Halloween en Wild Terra!

@HellNT El resto del mes de octubre.

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Official Brazilian forum

Comprei o jogo hoje

Bem vindos, tb to jogando no Bonium por enquanto!

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polscy gracze na Vitios

Witam - od kilkunastu dni próbuję grać na serwerze Vitios. Mam pytanie czy ktoś z polskich graczy gra tu jeszcze? Większość postów na forum to wypowiedzi z przed ponad rok i dłużej. Gra jest w sumie nawet dośc ciekawa tylko nie wiem czy doczeka się normalnej wersji - oby ta wersja alpha nie okazała sie ostatnia he he. Chetnie skorzystałbym z doświadczenia innych graczy bo choć większość czynności jest oczywistych to czasem nie bardzo wiem o co kaman :). Gdyby kos mógł mi wyjaśnić czy w grze jest coś takiego jak level postaci a jezeli tak to gdzie go można podejrzeć (zwierzęta mają podany level ale nie wiem jak się ma to do mojej postaci). Nie udało mi się tez wykoncypowac jak się robi wapno (pewnie z kamienia wapiennego ale jak?
Pytań mam więcej ale nie chcę przynudzać - proszę o odpowiedź (jak ktoś wogóle loguje się jeszcze na tym forum)
Krzysztof (nick w grze - Hris)

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