Important events and messages.
Fierce Boar and other unique rewards to all who bought Wild Terra in Early Access!


We are very grateful to everyone who supports the game before its release. Thanks to you, Wild Terra developed and is rapidly moving to the release!

All players who have already bought, or will purchase the game in Early Access - will receive unique rewards!
These rewards can not be obtained in any way after the release of the game. To receive rewards, you need login to the game.

Wild Terra release is scheduled for Q4 2017. Also we remind you that it is planned to increase the price of the game after its release.

Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and all rewards right now!

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Changed rewards in the chests!


Changed rewards in Bronze, Iron and Steel chests.

Bronze chest:

Fierce boar in red armor (speed 100) Scale red cloak

Iron chest:

Fierce boar in green armor (speed 100) Scale green cloak

Steel chest:

Fierce boar in black armor (speed 100) Scale black cloak

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Soon in the Wild Terra: Development of Taming skill


Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Recently in the Wild Terra was implemented the first stage of the Taming skill and was added a trap for small game. Caught animal will get to you in inventory, however, at the moment you can not do anything with a pet except skinning, but we plan to develop this mechanics in the near future.

You can catch small animals only with your hands, and after freshness you will get feathers, bones or meat (depending on the type of victim). After a successful attempt of taming, your skill will increase. In the case of the predator, the taming will be somewhat more difficult. After you throw the net on a predator, you need (in the allotted time) to injure the beast to the state of escape, then use a special lariat - for boar, wolf or bear. A large caught beast is used as a mount, but small game will be in the role of a personal pet, which will follow the owner and live in a special house.

We plan to implement the changes described above in Wild Terra already in the next updates. Follow the news.

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A place to talk about Wild Terra.
New Players and GIVEAWAYS!

Hey im a new player and could really use some help with this game. Seems like no one plays.

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Paceum. Castle for sale

Our guild is the strongest on the Paceum server - it sells one of its top locks. We guarantee that we will not redeem it back within 1 month (instant time is possible, but for an additional payment).

Price - 10k gold.

Contact person - Zorro or Зоряна.

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New housing options

Ok thank you for answering me. I will I will hold off on the carpentry then until its half timbered.

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Discussion about game mechanics

New Small game Trap

@Dandrik Just run and grab them with hands while they are under snare effect. If you are too slow - throw another one and try again.

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Oh yes it works thank you

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Will we get the ability to make pets to fight for us?


Only follow for now. Like charms. Some bonuses later. Fighting rabbits are not in plans )))

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Discussion about innovations.
Godsends and Recipes

@Angrrrry I can understand a time sink and player retention. That's why the suggestion came with increasing the amount needed per recipe. It would be ridiculous if I could go out and find 10 Godsends in less than a week and be done with the my learning my craft.
So if the scrolls were, say Ciphers and each Godsend had only one cipher. I could see each recipe requiring between 5 to 20 ciphers. It's not about making the game easier. You got a shop for that and some players have deep pockets.
The goal of my suggestion is structure. It gives the players something to work towards with smaller goals towards the larger goal. Random is only one large goal with many disappointments along the way.
If you take a look at the "Gatcha" mechanics of many online and mobile games you'll see that their revenue is being generated by "whales" which consist of a very small percent of the player base. Godsends may not be gambling like in these other games, what I'm trying to get at is that only a very small percent of their community actually invests the time and resources into the randomness of this type of gambling.
Maybe it's just me. I believe your game would be improved with giving more power to player choice while keeping us playing from pure game play. You can gate us in other ways that are less obtrusive.

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Skill cap and you

Thank you for your reply. It was exactly what I was expecting to read.

I see, so allowing all players to level up all skills is just for testing purposes. Makes all sense.
This way, you can have feedback of all skills from all players.

Hopefully we'll see a skill system similar to what you guys did with stats at the official release. It surely will make the game better for all reasons I stated in my post.

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Idead / Suggestions on new Taming system

@Sigvid I can't reveal them for now to prevent people prepare for it before they are implemented. ))) That’s why for now I can only ask to wait.

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Official Brazilian forum


@ReiRafa Just leave it for 30 minutes. Will fix automatically. Working over it.

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Miejsce rozmów o Wild Terra
Polska Gildia - Banici z Vitios

ja chetnie o ile gracie i jeszcze szukacie

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