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  • guniball


    We paid attention to your feedback about Piercing Blows added to the game in the Update 9.50. We have finalized and reconfigured this mechanics. The changes are already added to the all servers.

    Piercing knife blows no longer cause critical damage.
    Ability "Pounce" now deals a piercing blow and causes bleeding.
    Ability "Pounce" now deals 120% damage instead of 100%.
    The ability "Deadly Blow" now deals a piercing blow and causes bleeding.
    The ability "Deadly Blow" now deals 150% damage instead of triggering a critical hit.
    The Draemeter has a 2-fold lower chance to make a piercing blow, and the maximum damage from it is limited, since increased damage often led to instant death on hardcore servers.
    The error of incorrect calculation of bonuses when removing equipment in some cases is fixed.

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  • Nightmare

    I do not blame anybody, I just trying to explain why we did implemented penetration mechanics.

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  • Nightmare

    As long as people are able to kill raid boss in low spec armor (bronze) - we will continue to add new mechanics to prevent it. Draemetr should be hardest boss of WT and it will be. You want his unique drop - you can try to kill it. You can't beat barghest or alchemist without being hit? Well, probably corrupted lands are too difficult for you.

    The new penetration mechanics need some fixes, but it will definitely prevent farming draemetr in bronze.

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  • guniball


    We have a channel on Discord:

    Here are created channels for each of the official server, and channels for specific groups and languages. We are waiting for you!

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  • guniball


    Steam-client will update automatically
    Download the new client version...
    Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

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    Improvements and fixes 0.9.50

    Changed catching and taming of mounts:

    • Catching and taming now use the Taming skill in the same form as it does for small animals and birds.
    • All types of lariats for taming now do not disappear, but work on the principle of tools, it’s have a quality and durability, their recipes have been changed.
    • For catching mounts, special nets have been added, which need to slow down the animal before using lariats.
    • After catching, the animal needs to be fed successfully several times so that it allows it to ride. The success of feeding depends on the skill of Taming.

    Added iron and steel spears. The characteristics of all kinds of spears are reconfigured.
    Added bronze, iron and cast iron shells for the sling. The characteristics of the sling have been reconfigured.
    Added an additional equipment slot for arrows and metal shells for the sling:

    • If there is a certain type of arrows or shells in the slot, then this type will be used for shooting.
    • The selected type of shells will first be spent from the inventory and only the last from the equipment.

    Implemented a new type of damage on metal armor, corresponding to the hit in the joints between the plates of the armor:

    • Added mechanic of Penetrating blow, causing bleeding.
    • All types of knives now have the chance of triggering Penetrating blow depending on the material.
    • Now all types of metal armor, depending on the material, have resistance to the Penetrating damage.
    • The draemeter now has the chance to use the Penetrating blow.

    The mechanics of the destruction of old dominiums have been reworked:

    • The dillapidation of the dominum stone now depends on its type, and time is written in a note to the recipe.
    • Number of days without entering the game for Initial - 5, Small - 10, Medium - 20, Large - 30, Noble - 40.
    • The term of the dillapidation of stones (the period from the onset of dilapidation to the complete disappearance of the captured zone) has been changed for Initial - 2, Small - 3, Medium - 6, Large - 10, Noble - 10.
    • Disable notification in the chat about the destruction of dominions.
    • We remind you how the destruction of dominions works. For example, you have 2 days of premium and the Medium dominium. Accordingly, 2 days of the premium plus 20. After 22 days, if you do not go into the game - starts the dilapidation of the stone. If it is not repaired, the stone will collapse after another 6 days. Total 2 + 22 + 6 = 30 days. If you login into the game, you got another 20 additional days before the new start of the dilapidation.

    The mechanics of transferring outsiders over the territory of the dominium has been improved:

    • Now when entering the game the character will appear outside the territory of someone else's dominion, if he does not have the rights to open doors and containers.
    • If you somehow mistakenly ended up in someone else's territory, do not touch anything inside, exit the game for a minute (the character stays in the game for a while) and restart the game.
    • We remind you that all your actions on a foreign territory are logged and can lead to the blocking of your account in the game.

    Now all the flying projectiles look different.
    Fixed a bug due to which after the resurrection, no bonuses were added from the equipment and character stats.
    Fixed a bug due to which some bonuses from equipment were incorrectly calculated.
    Information about partial ignoring of target armor is added to the note to the blunt weapon for a better understanding of its mechanics.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the appearance of a second corpse on top of the first, which looked like the loss of all items at death.
    Fixed a rare but critical error that does not allow to pick up items thrown to the ground.
    Fixed bug, sometimes leading to loading problems on the borders of the map.
    Fixed a bug of modifiers for casual servers that resulted in the collecting of animal heads and bear skins more than one.
    Fixed a bug due to which the data about the characteristics and skills were not updated when the character window was opened.
    Fixed a bug due to which, under certain circumstances, there was an opportunity to get to someone else's territory when loading the map.

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