Clarifying the latest news about Steam-keys.

If you already have any of the early access bundles - you will definitely get the Steam key after the game release is absolutely free!

  • 1st wave of providing keys (already started!): the owners of the kit "Duke" and the most active testers
  • 2nd wave of providing keys (October-November): the owners of the kit "Earl"
  • 3rd wave of providing keys (the same as the release date of the game on Steam): the owners of all others kits

If you already have any of the Early Access bundles, but you do not want to wait - Now you can upgrade your account to the "Duke"-kit at a reduced price until the end of September. How to do it:

  • Go to the store page
  • Click the "Buy" under the description of the bundle "Duke" and enter your email address
  • Select convenient for you payment method and enter this promo code to get 20% discount: B8CfMTEgJ6jZq