Coming soon to the game will be added the new skill - Cooking. Skill will affect the ability to cook high level food, alcohol, and it's quality. Will be added spices that are used in difficult recipes. Food cooked with their use, will be much more effective to satisfy the hunger.

Will also be added a large number of new products, recipes, tools and machines for cooking: the beehive, wine press, culinary table, all kinds of dishes, cakes, sausages and more.
Meat of all predators will be merged into a single kind, and its quality is lower than the meat of herbivores.

Changes in animal behavior

Reworked behavior of animals that cause damage to the player (wild boar, wolf, bear, fox). Damage inflicted is now leading the animal into a rage, which significantly increases the the speed of his movement. Animals can no longer be hunted over fences. Predators can destroy abandoned buildings, and if the animal can not get to his abuser and ceases to pursue - his health will recover.

There were also fixes bugs with invulnerable animals, which can not be attacked.

Completed work on the introduction of leather armor, it's will appear in the next update.