The game has been updated to the version 0.8.13. Big changes have affected the behavior of predators. Be careful, they have become much more dangerous! More details about all innovations below.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.13
Injured wolf and bear now fall into a state of fury, at which chasing the player far longer and with increased speed of movement.
Now attacking animals during the movement can destroy dilapidated buildings outside dominiums, and those buildings in the disputed land for the destruction which is not required siege machinery.
Implemented health recovery of attacking animals, if the fight with them was interrupted by unbreakable obstacles, such as fences or terrain.
Reworked interaction with wild animals. Should be fixed their duplication, as well as the appearance of invulnerability and inactive animals.
Reworked the interaction with the animals at catching and riding on them.
Check the new mechanics and inform us about the noticed changes in their work.
Added graphics for the new leather armors.
Added graphics for the missing items, thrown to the ground.
Updated outdated graphics for some of the items thrown to the ground.
In the interface of production machines added button to their ignition and extinguishing.
In the interface of production buildings and containers added possibility view the description.
Large timbered and stone structures (furnaces, warehouses, mills) can now be destroyed only by siege weapons.
Fixed disappearance of the buildings at the border of map tiles.
Fixed distortion surfaces during construction on the border of map tiles.
Fixed the errors, which resulted in the players to get into a limited fragment of the map.
Fixed several bugs in recipes, skills setting and the fuel used.