Steam trading cards and rewards

Work is underway on the Trading Cards Steam. An example of one of these cards you can see above (not final).
Each card will be showcasing one of the basic elements of the game: hunting, building, farming, battles and more.
After collecting all cards, you can create the Wild Terra badge for your profile Steam, and get special emoticons and profile backgrounds with Wild Terra theme.

Read more about the system of Steam trading cards and rewards for their creation you can here.

Steam Achievements

Added icons for all achievements and localization of their titles and descriptions into 8 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese-Brazil, Bulgarian.

Achievements (now 50!) are available in the Steam version of the game! Access to testing this version have already received by all owners of the kit "Duke". Get access today and become one of them!
About in what order will be given access to the rest of the owners, you can read here.

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