New mechanics has yet being tested, and it is not the final version. Waiting for your feedback.
The game has been updated to the version 0.8.15. Added skills: Agriculture and Gathering. The system of growing plants and trees become more detailed, and fertilizers were added. Fixed errors related to the chat, and other bugs. Read more below

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.15

Introduced Skill Agriculture. It is used for planting trees and plants, and affects the chance of successful cultivation, which is displayed when planting seeds or sprouts in the ground.
Skill agriculture affects the chance of successful planting. Experience added only during harvesting or during collection of seeds from successfully plantation grown, and during the second watering successfully grown trees.
If not the one who planted the plants, harvests it, he will not receive bonus experience (only basic experience).
Now, apart from water during landing can also be used fertilizers, which affect the chance of plant growth, number of crop, seeds and the growth rate.

Added fertilizers:

  • bird droppings (reduces the chance of planting and speed, increases the amount of harvest)
  • lime (increases the chance of planting and speed, decreases the amount of harvest and seeds)

Corrected dates cultivation of seeds, plant growth and some production constructions.
Added Skill Gathering. It serves to collect the basic materials, plants and fungi.
Fixed costs of materials for production buildings, now it’s do not have to waste if there is no free space.
At local talking the author's name in the chat is now indicated in italics.
Chat no longer closes when the mouse cursor is within its window.
Fixed an error in copying messages in the chat.
Fixed a bug with the counter of new instant messages.
Fixed bug with displaying the list of servers, that occurred for some players.
Fixed a bug due to which the arrows flew wrong when you play on the keyboard.
Fixed a bug due to which the equipment has not been updated, if fabricated item dropped to the ground.
Fixed a bug due to which could be a significant drop FPS with the appearance of horses, bears and other players.
Fixed the skill level requirements and the cost of materials for the siege weapons.
Added graphics for other stages of growing trees and plants.
Added rest of graphics for the items dropped to the ground.