Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

We continue to talk about the processing of the combat system. Some of these innovations will be added in the near update. Here described is not the whole concept of battle system.

The character will have several defensive parameters that can be modified with equipment:

  • Defense. Expressed as a percentage. At 100% - the damage is not applied at all.
  • Chance to block. When triggered, the armor absorbs all damage. The frequency of use is limited. Applicable only in heavy armor.
  • Chance to dodge. The same as the chance to block, but without causing damage to equipment. Applicable only in light armor.
  • Absorption. If the incoming damage is less than this parameter, then the character does not receive damage, and block/dodge will not work.
  • Chance to parry. It depends on the type of weapon. Triggered only if the character stands still.

If the defensive parameter is triggered, above the target of the attack will be displayed an appropriate message. With incoming damage, equipment durability will decrease. Moreover, item of armor can be completely destroyed by the impact, if there is enough incoming damage.

Some basic characteristics of the weapon will be added: the minimum and maximum damage, critical chance and critical attack force.

Progression of defending skills:

  • In the calculation will use the combat level of the attacker, so it will be impossible to raise the high level on weak animal and players.
  • Growth of the skill Light armor and Shield mastery, occurs only when triggered successful dodge, block armor and a shield block. The high-level equipment will be more demand for leveling because of the increased chance of triggering.
  • Growth of the skill Heavy armor depends on the amount of damage blocked by armor.

Already soon we will be together with you test the changes in the combat system. Remember that it is still being finalized and developed. Later to the game will be added abilities and effects.