Update 8.17 - one of the largest in the history of the Wild Terra.

  • 9 new skills . Mastery of various types of weapons and armors;
  • New combat parameters. Critical hits, parry, dodge and block;
  • New system of dealing damage. Calculated body part that received a blow, and armor that was equip on this part;
  • New server selection screen. Displays a news, number of players, search on servers.

It's not all the changes, complete list see below.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.17

All weapons now have the spread of damage and the critical strike chance. Both parameters are increased by the weapon skills.
Implemented the new mechanic of dealing damage to the player. Now in the calculation of damage, be calculated part of the body which receives damage.
The concept of "armor" is replaced by the percentage of defense, which indicates the amount of blocked damage, and also reduces the chance of getting the bleeding.
Blocked damage reduces the durability of that part of armor, which took a hit.
Added chances: parry, dodge and block the damage, which increase depending on the equipment and combat skills.
Dodging stops working when wearing part of heavy armor or shield.
At blocking, all received damage gets to the shield and deducted from it durability. If there is no shield - it role is performed by the armor.
After a successful activation parries, dodging and blocking, will take some time before re-use.
Introduced the skill Light Armor. Increases the chance of dodging and the effectiveness of armor defense.
Introduced the skill Shields. Increases chance of blocking.
Introduced the skill Heavy Armor. Increases the effectiveness of armor defense.
Introduced the skills: Swords, Axes, Blunt weapon, Fencing. Its affect the damage, the chances of a critical hit and parries.
Introduced the skills: Bows, Throwing weapon. Affect the damage and critical hit chance.
Reworked the screen of server selection and search. Now you can see on which server you are playing, when, and the number of players on the servers.
If a container is destroyed, all items which were inside now drop to the ground. But it does not drop if the owner uses the "demolition".
Added the ability to run by double-clicking.
Added a test special effect when striking in melee.
Coniferous trees now have individual graphics of landings and drying stages.
All the types of trees now have three kinds of graphics, now the forest and gardens will become even more picturesque.
Now by default is not displayed the bottom debug panel. To turn it on - press P.
Fixed a bug with the scrolling chat.
Fixed errors of calculation of bonuses from equipment.
Fixed a bug with recovery durability without the resource consumption.
Fixed many minor bugs.