We continue to rework PvP system. In the next update will appear 15 combat abilities that depend on the skills:

  • Roll. Allows you to quickly reduce or increase the distance.
  • Charge. Allows you to quickly reduce or increase the distance.
  • Defend. Hide behind a shield. While the shield is raised - blocking is activated without a cooldown, but you can not run.
  • Swift strikes. Several strikes in a row without delay.
  • Whirling rage. Deals damage to all enemies around.
  • Kneecapper. The blow to the shin.
  • Bouncer. Knocks the enemy upon impact.
  • Pounce. Rapid reducing the distance with enemy and hitting them.
  • Deadly strike. Strike the enemy ignoring his armor.
  • Suppression. Blow to the head. If your opponent without a helmet, he will die. Otherwise, he get a stun for a short time.
  • Stone breaker. Damages shield and prevents blocking for a while.
  • Puncture. Critical hit with a chance to cause bleeding.
  • Crippling shot. Stuns an enemy when hit.
  • Rain of arrows. Many arrows inflict damage on the area.
  • Rapid fire. Several shots in a row in a short time.

But that's not all - you'll see in the update fixes more bugs and a few surprises! Play Wild Terra and follow the news.

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