In this update was redesigned system of collecting recipes, adding the possibility to create your own servers, and lots of edits in the balance and bugfixes. More details about all the changes, see below.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.19

Redesigned system of recipes. Now any recipe in the game can get in the game ways, including "golden" recipes, which make the recipe available on any server.
Instead of books and drawings in the godsends are now drop parts of construction drawings and craft schemes. For simple schemes, as before, will need only one fragment, but for difficult, rare and especially golden recipes its need to find significantly more.
For the number of fragments in the godsends corresponded to the new system, it’s chances of appearance increased threefold.
New recipes you will need to search for a number of complex structures, materials and items.
Number of found and required fragments can be seen in the notes to the recipes in the construction and craft window.
For the premium bonus was returned x2 speed of the gathering instead of the multiplication of resources at mining.
Has been improved system of automatic extension the world. At the start of a new world, the size of map is intended for 100 settlements, once this number has increased, the map will increase by 2 times, then it will happen at 200, 400 and so on.
Fixed error in determining the Steam client, which could cause errors "already started". Need checking.
Added the ability to play at full screen by clicking the icon in the upper right corner, or by pressing Alt+Enter.
"Exit" on the server selection screen is now closes the game client.
Added a separate window for form a group.
In the buildings notes, now writes the production cycle time for the relevant buildings.
Available creating their own servers with personal settings. On the personal servers are unavailable Steam-achievement and can not get "golden" recipes.
Added new icons for cloaks, Bolas and parts of construction drawings and schemes of craft.
Added a dialog to confirm the action "suicide."
Fixed entering the an impassable stunning area. Tell us, please, if it is will repeated.
Added Japanese and Korean languages.
Player after entering the world can no longer appear on someone else's territory.
Fixed error with saving armor’s durability.
Increased the number of skins and bones extracted from the animal, amount of meat is reduced, large skin can now also be obtained from horses and foxes.
Skinning growth rate increased by 2 times.
Reduced production time for leather in vats.
Fixed production time for most buildings.
Reduced the amount of bone required for bone meal.
Apples ripen twice faster.
Reduced nutritional value of meat, honey, macaroni and beans.
The number of beans in the cell is reduced to 50, reduced its amount when ripening.
Reduced the number of created leaven.
Reduced required skill level for scissors copper, cement, well, ballista, parts of stone steles.
ncreased the skill level required millstones, stones.
The amount of coal in the cell is doubled, the number of its production slightly decreased.
Increased durability for the iron dagger.
Changed the recipe for a wild boar trap.
Increased efficiency of wooden shovel.
Changed the recipe for stone, copper and bronze arrows.