Winter has come in the Wild Terra. Snow fell and were frozen coastal waters. Players make snowmen and play snowballs. Now is the time to decorate your homes with Christmas mistletoe. The most courageous residents came out to hunt, because at this time, winter animals live in the forests. If you catch and ride of such a beast, he immediately transformed into Christmas pet.
Birches and aspens for winter overgrown with lush foliage. But the wolflings and fawns were not able to adapt to the cold weather - in the world there were only large adult individuals (size of wolves and deer has been increased without changing the characteristics).
Now easier to survive for a new inhabitants of Wild Terra: has more a simple meal, and roasted meat satisfies the hunger more effectively. Craftsmen can make sets of things without any obstacles. Cases of stupefaction almost has ceased, and foreigners now properly understand the titles of local residents.

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