In this update we started to change the game interface. More details about all the changes, see below.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.21

Main actions interface were remade as well as HP, Stamina and hunger bars.
Effects block now displays in upper middle of your screen while equipment bonuses and stats were moved to the upper left corner of the screen.
Industry machines will now open their main window after click without showing pop up window.
Tools will be auto equipped after you started harvest/craft/build actions. You can switch it off in config.js file in game directory changing AUTO_EQUIP_TOOL line,
While building all type of beds you will get auto offer to set this bed as a resurrection point.
Basic tutorial been replaced on graphic one, now you can start it any time you need it.
Some basic tutorial food pictures were added.
Links for Wiki and forum were added in tutorial.
Time cycles display were added in industry buildings widow.
Automatic adjustment of the zoom added for high and low resolution screens when the game starts Use + and - buttons to change zoom manually.
Some fixes made with low quality harvest when there were zero chance to get food of rabbits, hens, nests and carrots.
Some changes were made with client to fix WebGL issue for those who had it on some video cards.
Christmas trees no longer can be found in the wild. Small Christmas trees no longer buffs. All other Christmas event's effects turned off and disabled.