Some of my friends and I have been busy building up our dominions. We built them near each other so we could have fun playing the game together and also to build a sort of "village".

Unfortunately, my friends are getting a little bit bored, and here is the thing.

While we did work together, one of us farming more, the other stoneworking more, and so on, and helping each other out, we were still focusing on our ownDominion the most, and it didn't really feel like we were a village. It was more like we were three small forts next to each other. It didn't feel like we were forming a community.

So I thought about the following idea.

What if, instead of upgrading your (personal) Dominion Stone with crafting, you can upgrading it with sharing?

This means it isn't just your Dominion Stone anymore, but it is the Dominion Stone of you and your friends.

More people = Bigger Dominion

This creates several things that I feel this game needs.

  • It creates community
  • It creates (friendly) rivalry (My village is better!)
  • In PvP in particular it gives an even better reason to group together
  • Dominions will feel more like villages and not just mini-bases

And also, very importantly:

  • It gives people a very good reason to bring as many of their friends in the game as possible (which means more people buying the game)

Couple this with my previous ideas on different biomes and resources only being found on specific places, and you also get instant trading of items between these new villages. Because if you find it hard to find copper but easy to find hides, and another village is the other way around, it can become a good business to trade, and this villages can become friendly allies.

What do you think?