Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

"Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus"

In the near future we plan to reduce the gap in progress between those who spend many hours in the game, and those who do not have a such opportunity. We also want to reduce the importance and influence of boring grind, by making a significant decrease in the overall required experience. To implement this, we will add new anti-grind system.

"Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus" - a peculiar reservoirs with a stock of experience that gives a greater speed in leveling (crafts and combat respectively). When the reservoir is devastated, the gained experience will be reduced to normal values.

Despite the fact that this stock of experience is limited, it will be replenished:

  • when you are absent in the game (if you leave the game being near the bed - the recovery will be quicker);
  • by using consumables.

Already soon we will begin to test the "Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus". This system will be gradually further developed and expanded.