Open test has begun

Two game modes on separate servers (both test servers located in Europe. In the full version, available servers in 4 regions: North America, South America, Europe, Asia).

  • "Arena" - server for fights, display ranking. Fast battles and nothing excessive. Participants of the arena immediately get 15 level for all skills, basic equipment and go into battle!
  • "Ostium PvP" - server with fast leveling and sieges. Daily treasure hunt is also available.

Hunting for bugs.
We will reward players for the detailed information about bugs and vulnerabilities of the game. Following the results of the tests will be given prizes of gold and Steam-keys. How to report an error

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Download the test client…
Play directly in your browser (available only in Chrome and Opera)
If you already have access to the Steam version, you can also log to the test server. How to do it

After the tests are completed, all progress will be lost!
You can purchase Early Access and start to play unlimited on the main servers right now

Improvements and fixes 0.8.22

Updated leveling system
Implemented system accelerates leveling to eliminate boring and repetitive actions when leveling high-level skills.
Now, every day when you log into the game you'll get points of "Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus".
These serve to speed up leveling skills, the higher the current skill level, the more they accelerate it, but accordingly more quickly being spent.

Created a new type of server - "Arena", where everyone can try yourself in the battle with other players.
All players in the arena have a basic equipment, and 15 level of skill and saturation is not spent at replenishing of stamina.
In the arena will appear chests with equipment made of various materials, so that you can improve the basic equip.
Kills and deaths on the arena are recorded on the ratings page, available from the top menu on the server selection screen.

Treasure hunting
Implemented the initial system of treasures, which we plan to develop in the future.
To start the adventure, start "Treasure Hunt" from the action window. The treasure is guarded by evil creatures, prepare properly and do not forget the shovel!

Other improvements and fixes
Implemented the transfer of items from the containers into the inventory by double-clicking and using Shift + click combination.
Implemented the transfer of items from your inventory into the container by Shift + click.
In the containers appeared "Take all" button.
Now the type of zone: Peaceful, Wild, Disputable or Arena along with its features is displayed when you logging in and when you entering to a different zone.
Carried out work on optimization the rendering graphics.
Fixed logic of attacking animals when they stopped on the spot, without hitting the target. Needed testing of group hunting.
Indicators of life and stamina now slightly highlighted at the time of the change.
Idle time before disconnecting from the server has been increased to 20 minutes.
Now all the plants and trees can be demolished by owner as regular buildings.
File config.js got detailed comments on all customizable parameters.
Added setting RENDER_CLOAKS, allows you to disable showing cloaks.
The debugger which displays FPS and Ping is now disabled by default, because it greatly affects the performance. To activate it, change the option LOAD_PHASER_DEBUG
Fixed a problem with the connection to the server.
Fixed a large radius of drop items after the destruction of the containers
Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to build through the walls.
Fixed a bug due to which not used automatic tool equipment for wells and cutting off the head.
Fixed refresh of unread counter on the chat icon.
Fixed a bug due to which the character kept moving when you open a chat window.
Fixed a bug due to which the items menu sometimes appeared behind the inventory screen.
Fixed a bug due to which when disconnected from the server, on the screen was remain an opened windows.
Fixed a rare bug disconnected from the server, due to which connect to the server is no longer possible until restart it.