Proposal- A pvp server where a non expanding 5x5 area around your dominion, your original dominion size, is a safe zone.

People want alignment systems to punish people for mass murder, or some way to punish people for killing people in the PVP server. But that's the point of the PVP server.

The problem on the PVE server is people find it boring at times. You'll never run into anyone in that brief period you're hunting for iron in the PVP zone and if you do, you just have to run to the border to be safe.

Meanwhile in pvp there are the roaming band of jacked players butchering every new player and stealing everything they own preventing them from really getting any further. People want to punish that but its kind of the point of playing on that server, you're probably just frustrated you're one of the "hilltop farmers" instead of one of the "saviors". And i'm sure the people on top want more players to expand their map to get more resources spawning, problem is if they dont kill you and take your stuff someone else will. And if they dont someone else will. Someone else always will. Its a pvp server.

But what if 200/225 of your tiles could be pillaged 90% of your base, all but your dominion and whatever buildings you chose to be the most important to you in that 5x5. A couple cupboards for loot? There's no way you're fitting a bloomery in there so you'll still need to use the rest of your base. It would make the pvp server a little less impossible for new players. Make a server more exciting than the PVE server, one less frustrating than the PVP server.