I propose these five ideas that I hope they can be implemented in the game, In order to make this game more complete and realistic and to have a better experience in the game ;)

-Add fishing skill and the ability to make things with water.

-Add that the cold affects the health of our survivor (for example walking in the snow without any clothes, and the ability to recover from the cold warming you with a campfire, or wearing clothes).

-Add option for example with the mouse wheel, the option to zoom in and out the camera.

-Add on/ off option to effect sounds.

-Add option to adjust the graphics (low/middle/high...)


This game will die if any wealthy person can come and can afford to buy items, while others have to work hard to get them. I understand that you are a company and want to make money, Try to make money without selling weapons, money, tools, improvements to players inside the game, because this would make an unfair, boring and unequal game.

Regards and health,