Serversettings for better setup and gameplay

Grow- and respawn timer:
Farming : to set the time needed to grow your stuff on the fields
Tree: to setup the time the need to grow
Respawn plants: a timer to set the time for a respawn after collecting
Respawn Ore: timer to set the time between collecting a node and respawn nearby.
Respawn animal: timer to set the time between kill and respawn to maybe have a clear area of dangerous animals for a while.
Productionstimer is allready in so just leaving this with it.

Diffrent setting:
wood, animal (best 2 for food and other stuff) , plant , ore/stone -- having diffrent setting to adjust to the liking the colleting or harvest of diffrent stuff. For example have a high wood set would mean you get like 20 logs out of 1 tree and a low stone set for like 1 ore or big stone. Adjustable to the liking of the server creater and playstyle of the people.
Animals: having a setting to raise/lower the hp and dmg of the various animals - could make bears stronger for multiplayer and weaker but still challening for single player. And maybe have the chance to adjust the range and/or aggresivness of predators, like setting it to low means you could walk up 3m and to high you should stay at least 50m away before they start attacking you and also the follow distanz.
For all stuff like animals, trees, plants etc a setup how widespread they are. For example setup a radius like 20m between the trees or make it like a grid where you setup the max amount in it which still can vary from 0 till max.

either raise the size or the amounts you can have. It would be more or less a setup for single player, to get the chance to build a city on your own. Might be a little bit lonely and look like a ghost town, but hey, who says you can´t do it :)
Maybe connected to the dominon a certain time age, start as a cave man with the first dom- raise it to lvl 2 and you can create copper tools (coper age), lvl 3 bronze age, lvl 4 iron age , lvl 5 steel age, after that it could be a possibility to raise your dominion ever bigger by 1x1 tile but make the of material needed by x2 or x3 each step so it would get expensive but still a chance of doing so.

The thought behind all these settings is mostly for single player games. But with the adjustment it would also make it more real on a server to coop. You could create a forest with the setting and low amount of stone and ore, or have a desert of rocks and ore but hard to find any wood and trees, so the farmer has to decide if he will be a crops or tree farmer :) And how it would be to start somewhere with nearly nothing around, the best place for buildings, just sucks that there is no material to do so or food to survive :) the possibilities are endless and should increase a lot the fun to play