Are the stats correct for the Rare Helmets, in particularly the Light Armor helmets

for example

Plague Doctor Mask - stats are 5% Defence, 1% Dodge at 100%
Viking Helmet also has the same stats - although this is crafted through blacksmithing instead of Leatherworking like the rest of the light armor.

earlier available Light Armor Helmets

  • Rawhide Hat - 2% Defence, 5% Dodge
  • Hare Head Hat - 3% Defence, 6% Dodge
  • Fur Hat - 2% Defence, 6% Dodge
  • Deer Head Hat - 4% Defence, 8% Dodge
  • Leather Helmet - 3% Defence, 8% Dodge
  • Boar Head Hat - 4% Defence, 9% Dodge
  • Hardened Leather Helmet - 4% Defence, 10% Dodge
  • Wolf Head Hat - 5% Defence, 9% Dodge
  • Studded Leather Helmet - 4% Defence, 11% Dodge
  • Bear Head Hat - 6% Defence, 10% Dodge

As the Light armor sets are all about the dodge why would you ever really aspire to getting the rare helmet light armor its worse than even the lowest available hats in terms of dodge rating. even if you take the defence rating into consideration the rare helmets still sit very low down the list in terms of usefulness.

however if you compare the Heavy Helmets in the same manner, the Rare Helmets are better than all of their previous counterparts