Open test has begun

Two game modes on separate servers (servers located in Europe and Brazil. In the full version, available servers in 4 regions: North America, South America, Europe, Asia).

  • "Arena" - server for fights, display ranking. Fast battles and nothing excessive. Participants of the arena immediately get 15 level for all skills, basic equipment and go into battle!
  • "PvP" - server with fast leveling and sieges. Daily treasure hunt is also available.

Hunting for bugs.
We will reward players for the detailed information about bugs and vulnerabilities of the game. Following the results of the tests will be given prizes of gold and Steam-keys. How to report an error

Join right now!

Download the test client…
Play directly in your browser (available only in Chrome and Opera)
If you already have access to the Steam version, you can also log to the test server. How to do it

After the tests are completed, all progress will be lost!
You can purchase Early Access and start to play unlimited on the main servers right now

On the test server installed the most recent update 8.23