Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

During 2016, the game was very much changed, you can read about the major changes here. We have compiled a list of improvements and features that we want to add into Wild Terra in this year (not in order of priority).

Please use this poll and select the most important changes for you. This will help us to better understand wishes of the players.

New game features:

  • Corrupted lands with new monsters and rewards.
  • Trade.
  • Skill Taming. Possibility to tame any animal.
  • System of management and leveling the tamed animals, equipment and arena for their battles.
  • Daily quests.
  • Enchant gear scrolls divided by armor and weapon types allowing to upgrade item quality to 150% without fail chances and more than 150% with huge chances to break item.
  • New pre made houses models with furniture, containers, beds and decorations inside to craft in one click.
  • Role playing mode. So you can play your role in game without other players’ misunderstanding.
  • Animations of emotions.
  • Siege declaration system. That will allow players to declare their siege will for certain dominium before the siege, allowing dominium’s owner to have time to prepare for siege.
  • Base materials quality so they could affect on final item production quality (ore, stones. hides etc).

Interface, Inventory, convenience:

  • Trade channel in the chat.
  • Stacking items in container with shift+click.
  • Make items gradation by quality creating different grades and colors to make quality sorting process easy.
  • Add weapon auto equipment while using combat skills icons. Making character to take best weapon available of type required to use that skill.
  • Add friends list in game with opportunity to give access to dominium and other convenient functions.
  • Opportunity to open doors and containers and interact with machines without dismount.
  • Dismount will no longer place you inside your horse model allowing you to shoot or perform other actions without chance to hit you mount.

Other equally important changes and fixes:

  • Transfer between servers
  • Merging some unused, old, low populated servers with free players transfer on their choice.
  • Referral system that will give rewards both for person who invited new players and new players that came using these links.
  • Rework the in-game shop.
  • Add raid system in game to form it of several groups.
  • Restriction to build new dominiums closer than 9 tiles but for friends list users only.
  • Add dead animal corpse with minimum loot that died of starvation while being blocked by something in the game world.
  • Bolas will knock you off the mount.
  • Opportunity to share achievements in socials.
  • Restriction to read dominium’s owner if you are not in his friends list.
  • Adding defensive artillery in game to help defenders during their dominium siege.
  • Pike with enemy’s head. You will see head’s name. Item will decay in time.