Hello friends. As you all know we have a lot of problems in game optimization for today. We do all we can work every day to change it. It is time when we do really need your help. For now we are trying to find out which part of the game generates all these memory leaks and lags problems. To find it out we want to cut all game aspects 1by1 to find the broken one. We did 3 test clients in steam to try some features. You can switch these clients same as you switch to test servers https://juvty.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211410669-How-to-log-into-the-test-server-on-Steam but these will work on regular ones. To stimulate you to use them we added some features that are not done on standard game clients and will be added only after March update. These are weapon auto equip on skills usage, mounted open door and container functions and, some optimization improvement and some more. For now we did no armor, no weapon, and no armor+weapon clients to test if this animation is the problem. There are more clients on the way with trees turned off, buildings and crops turned off and so on, to check ALL possible game aspects. We do need ANY feedback you can provide. We will continue our work based on these feedbacks. All info about if something changed with these clients will be precious for us. Any fps info, lags, info about you need to restart client more frequently or don’t need to restart it anymore in compare with regular client will be very helpful. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation.