1. Fishing system and food with fish

water tiles potential is good. but now just blocking people tile.

  1. martial arts is like to boxer. etc~ when we dead, item is dropped. so it is very dangerous. isn't it? then, martial arts is helpful .

plus, i think martial arts is counterattack to dagger skill. or light armor. no critical attack, but accuracy attack.

  1. spear is more powerful weapon . but very slow. when somebody ride animal, it is efficient.

  2. Combo-system.
    combat-system is good. but.. how about combo skill? more bonus damage or plus bleeding damage or poison damage. so i think more combat skill is needed.

  1. music play.

if there was a guitar, we could change the mood.

more fast regenerate hp or stamina. or bonus effect.

we can be Bard.

  1.  . guardian. system

siege system is too weak. because attacker is more easy than defender. when defender is log-off , attacker is free.

in real-life , defender can be busy. or etc. so some user is feel discomfort.

guardian system : ex> hire npc. or create a new creature. or mechanics. (or fire arrow can more damage to siege weapon)

or make a boiled oil barrel-trap(not bomb). or make a nailed-trap (hide) and fire.

  1. more animal monster

cow and tiger or goblin

cow -> milk and cheese
tiger -> claw weapon
goblin -> gem


  1. herb or portion.

maybe it is alchemy. or something....

but in game . there is no item herb or portion.

how about food ? just eat . for hunger. then u can plus regen hp or stamina. etc

  1. explore.

tresure hunter is good. and gift in field is good.

but there is no skill. so i think explore skill. when explore skill is high. u can find rare item than before. unique. etc...

10, festival

social party.

we can make chair but can't sit down. or we can't dance.

   we can make many foods. but just eat alone.

even in team!

 i think 'festival' is a skill effect.    for a while(30m or 1hours or 1 day) there is no decrease hunger.  

               or festival is need more clothes ,caps etc.

Finally, I think wild terra is fun. but this game too Serious to play.

this game need to be 'light' that is game.

realism is A double-edged sword to wild terra.

but i love this game and always thank you , developers

good luck