In this update was added the Fame system, made many revisions for a more convenient playing, and we will hold the event "Lady Day" with the unique reward. See below for details about these and other changes.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.24

With this spring arrival we are going to celebrate “Lady day” in Wild Terra.
Now you can dry flowers to use them as a material for the unique lady cloak which can be worn by female characters only.
While you will dry flowers there is a small chance to get their seeds to cultivate them on your fields.
There is a new Fame system in game. Now each victory over the opponent will add you some amount of fame. You will get more fame if your enemy was famed as well.
Defeating animals will also add some fame to you depending on animal’s level. However you can get cap of fame by killing animals only on PvE server. If you want maximum fame possible on PvP server you need to kill players.
Each death will take away some amount of your fame. The more fame you have the more it will change your name’s color until will be completely red.
You can no longer place you dominium closer than 10 tiles away from another on PvP servers.
Mount you animals will now take some time moreover that process can be interrupted by making some damage to your character.
Doors, containers, machines can be interacted while you are riding.
Bolas can be crafted and stacked by 3 items at once.
Wreaths will no longer give you title as well as they were moved in cloth crafting menu.
Some HP and absorb added for paling and paling gates.
Frying pan deals damage to one target only at a time.
Crafting steel items now require steel anvil. Material cost for steel anvil decreased significantly.
Steel gates now cost less to build.
“Eat all” function was made by default for all types of food as well as eating speed been increased.
You need to fossick godsends first before you can open it.
Dominium upgrade will not give you spare parts left anymore.
Tools auto equipment now works for repair both items and buildings.
Tools auto equipment will now choose best possible tool by default
Weapon auto equipment added. Using skill will make your character to take best quality weapon of type needed to use the skill.
Barrage damage been added.
Swift strikes skill will do less damage as well as cool down been increased.
Deadly blow skill will now ignore the armor.
You can no longer harvest crops with zero stamina but for wild sources of food that needs gathering skill less than 10.
Clay and honey level requirements been changed.
Bird droppings gathering amount decreased.
Agricultural crop amount decreased
Fry pan’s base cooking bonus been changed from 50% to 100%
All terrain improvement works now need a shovel as well as more stamina needed.
Game window title will now show your character’s name and server name to help support team identify you by your screenshots.
Some delay was made in information update in coordinates list while P button is pressed on. That was made for some game play speed optimization.
Now if you will reduce RENDER_CHARACTER_LIMIT in config.js you will see some pictures of animals and players instead of pink balls.
Client crush been fixed when you got more objects than your RENDER_CHARACTER_LIMIT set.
Harvesting with bare hands will now yields fewer products than if you use any tools.
Buckets will no longer switch in your hands while you use a well.
All mounts will run away if they got any damage.
Some synchronization bugs been fixed as well as teleportation issue.
Fixed a bug with incorrect amount of stamina drain description in building and crafting menus.
Correcting player’s position on server will not give you stun anymore.
Tanning materials consumption been fixed to make all tanning processes similar to each other.