1. Corrupted lands. Corrupted lands would be generated on all servers. They will not be finished in their final state but would have some new mobs with some new loot. So you can go try some new experience and find some new tactics versus new mobs.
  2. Dominium transfer INSIDE the game server. Corrupted lands would be generated directly on existing maps. So those who will find out himself in the middle of those new lands will have to move all their dominium. We are trying to make new transfer system that will make it easier.
  3. Stables. Stables will work as an interface for your mounts management. You will be able to store both shop and simple mounts there taking only 1 you need with you to empty or inventory. Also will be convenient to store some simple mounts to have some if you lost yours. If your stable will be destroyed that will not affect your mounts. You can build a new one or use friends stable to access it again.
  4. Mines. We want to try and check some new mechanics. For now mines will be added to all servers as an addition to normal iron ore spawn. Once a day they will yield some iron so we hope players will start fighting to get some free iron. After we will balance it we’d add more things about mines and their functionality for now we are making it only to check macro effects.
  5. New vision client mode. Their purposes to reduce lags, give better overview, and make game more practical for pvp needs. This mode will be available to switch any time like G button mode works today.
  6. General client optimization.