After you pay for a game it is slap in the face to see a cash shop.
I agree titles do not give a advantage but premium, recipes, and mounts do.
Here is a idea remove it or here is my suggestions.
On release of the game it should go free to play to get a lot more people in. It would be one of the best free to play games on steam.
Reward early access purchasers with a (exclusive title, mount, clothes, ect.) or all of the above.
Then If the game was free to play maybe premium should exist and maybe a more affordable price would be 5$ a month.
You could even use the reward for early access purchasers as an enticement to get more people in now to test the game.
As for selling recipes it is a shortcut and sure to piss people off who find them on there own. If that is a way to compensate for lack of godsends there are other solutions.(Reduce fragments needed, increase godsend spawn rate and respawn timer, or put more spawns in.)
Lastly for mounts you should not be able to buy lets say a polar bear until a player has caught a regular bear on there own.
Same goes for the rest of the mounts. It is definitely a problem if someone does not even own any mount yet and just buys one that's not fair its a shortcut.