Suggestion 1: Bear Hide Stack limit

Currently Bear Hides take up a stack all on their own.
I believe this limit should be increased up to about 5 Bear Hides
Reasoning I came to this conclusion is due to the following points

  • Bear Hides can be processed into 3 2 Large Hides - leading to the assumption that a Bear Hide wouldn't take up much difference in space.
  • Large Hides Stack up to 20 - equivelent to approximately 7 10 Bear Hides (21 20 Hides) if no material was wasted when cutting them up.
  • assuming there is possibly a little extra material that is wasted when cutting up a bear hide the amount of material wasted would generally be less than the size of another Hide, so lets assume the amount of bear hide wasted was equivelent to 2 hides (a bear hide would be the size of about 4 hides.
  • Therefore you should be able to stack 5 to 10 bear hides in the equivelent space of 20 Hides.

Suggestion 2: Corner castle wall parts - Corner Stone Block and Corner Brick Block that could be rotated depending on the corner.

Reasoning behind this suggestion:

  • Towers generally are very large and obstruct the view of other structures behind them.
  • It would be nice to be able to have walls that connect on a corner without having to use a tower and still have a pleasing look to the join.