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Improvements and fixes 0.8.25

In the world of Wild Terra, now there are new zones of dark forces - Corrupted Lands, where construction is not available and the warped inhabitants have settled:

  • Wodwose-Fencer - great to fight in melee.
  • Wodwose-Archer - keeps the distance, hitting the target with deadly arrows.
  • Wodwose-Alchemist - throws self-maded bombs, causing damage to the area.
  • Corrupted Rat and Barghest - wild beasts of the Corrupted Lands.

A new building has been added - Stables, all your mounts will be safely stored here.
Saddle the caught animal and place him in the stables. Your horse is "packed" into an item that can be dragged into inventory, called at the right time, or thrown to the ground for exchange with other players.
Item for summoning a purchased animal can also be taken to the Stables for empty the cells in the inventory.
Animals in the stable are only accessible to you and are not lost when the stable is destroyed.
You can also get access to your mounts through someone else's stable, if you have access to the locks of his dominium.

All rare and high-quality items have colored frames showing the value of the object.
When creating an item of unique quality, the name of the master is now stamped on it.
Now you can improve the quality of item by using Scroll of Warp - it’s can be obtained in godsends, treasures or in the corps of woodwose.

Added 20 new kinds of cloaks, some of which can be created. The rest - unique.

Implemented the mode with simplified graphics improves performance. Press the L key to turn it on.
Fixed a bug due to which the recipe search filter was activated when hotkeys are pressed.
Fixed a bug that could lead to the loss of tamed mounts.
Fixed a bug due to which the resurrection timer on the bed could not work correctly if the clock on your computer was behind or hurrying.
Fixed bugs with incorrect automatic equipment during repair and mining.
Corrected amount of produced flax, seeds and changed the gathering speed.
Now you need 3 threads to create a rope.