Mines - what is it?

This buildings were located in the middle of the disputed territories on all servers in the game. Each disputed territory has only one mine. Once every 25 hours the mine becomes available for the extraction of a new type of raw iron ore.

Mechanics, the principle of work.

In the upper right corner of the screen, the mine production timer will be displayed. It shows the time through which the mines on the server become active. After this can be used - the timer will begin to count the time for which the players must have time to collect all available materials, after which the mines will close again and go to it's original state. For mining, you need to click on the mine, the progress bar will begin to count down the time, after which you have from 1 to 3 pieces of raw ore in your inventory. Each player has his own separate progress, ore can be collected simultaneously by as many people as possible to reach the mine. PvP and buildings in these areas are regulated by the rules of the disputed territory. Before the release to the main servers, in the disputed lands, the possibility to use siege machines 24/7 without restriction will be removed.

The resulting extraction, using picks and the anvil can be easy to trim in iron ore for subsequent use, at the same time be used skill Mining, requirements demand equal thereto digging iron ore - 30. To use the Mines, skill is not required.

At the moment on the test servers, the 25-hour cycle is reduced to 30 minutes for the convenience of the tests. Good luck in the game.

Already available on the test server

The above mechanics are already available on the test server.

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