The in-game store has a lot of new items!

  • Gold bars (the "Service" tab)
    The gold bars can be used to exchange with other players. When activated, the gold equivalent will be credited to the account of the owner of the gold bar.

  • Potions (the “Potions” tab)
    "Potion of Battle Focus" and “Potion of Craftsman's Insight" will fill the part of the respective energy supply. Can not be used several times in a row. Potions can also be obtained in the game.

  • Change the name or gender (the "Service" tab)
    The opportunity to change your character's name or gender.

  • Scrolls of Premium (the "Premium Bonus" tab)
    Now the premium bonus is sold in scrolls and can be activated at any convenient time. We want to make a premium bonus more accessible, so the cost was significantly reduced (by 30-40%)
    Also, we plan to expand the premium features (for example, premium bonus owners will have special skins for their dominiums).