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Improvements and fixes 0.8.27

Added chests and keys. It's can be obtained from mobs, treasures, godsends, or purchased in the in-game store.
Cooldown on treasure hunt changed from 24 hours to 23. The treasure can no longer appear in the Corrupted Lands.
In the world there was a new inhabitant - Alfar Shaman.
Mobs level 30 and above had the opportunity to use new abilities.
Added new rare horses with a speed of 100. (they can be obtained from the chests).
Zebra speed is also changed from 80 to 100.
Stack of flax is now placed 3 times faster, and it’s gathering speed 2 times faster.
Bolas now knocks a riders from their mounts, and also ignores parry and block.
Chance of block and parry while riding a mount is reduced to 25%.
Heavy armor and shields no longer slow the character in the saddle.
The bear's skin can now only be obtained from a bear above level 50.
Slightly reduced the upper threshold of damage from axes. Reduced the damage to the second blow in the ability of "Bouncer".
The durability of home doors is increased to 100 and 80 for iron, and iron-studded doors.
The amount of fame received for killing creatures is now calculated from their level.
The amount of ore collected from the deposits has been restored to its previous values.
The system for issuing resources has been revised, now it’s collected not on 3,6,9 but on 3-9. The chance of collecting bird droppings decreased.

Added systems to prevent the automation actions by bots. We will monitor their influence on the gameplay and adjust as necessary. At the moment, these systems affect only the mining of iron.

  • The system of saturation with resources and craft is added. Each collection of a certain resource or creation accumulates saturation for the player. The higher the saturation, the lower the chance of successful harvesting or crafting.
  • The system of control over resources is added. This is a global system operating in the context of the entire server, it registers the amount of resource collected per hour and the amount of resource that can be simultaneously on the server. Depending on these data, the system decides whether new deposits should appear.

Fixed a bug due to which when changing the name through the Decree, no verification was performed on the available symbols.
Fixed bug with simultaneous display of cuirasses on the screen - some elements were not visible.
Fixed a bug due to which it was not possible to place your dominium when moving to another location.
Fixed a bug due to which the current action was not interrupted if the tool was put into a container.

On the old servers Novus and Altior you can no longer create new characters, the transfer of current players and details will be announced on 05/10/2017