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How will the process of transfer players

We start players transfer from Novus and Altior servers due to their merge and future delete process. We plan to transfer in two waves. First wave 10.05.2017 till 21.05.2017 to exclude all types of technical errors and issues transfer will be done manually under our staff control. Second wave 22.05.2017 till 31.05.2017 all characters will get transfer scrolls automatically and will be able to move without any administration help.
To participate in first wave please leave your request with your server name and character name. Our staff will try to connect with you while you are online in game to help you to transfer your character. Moreover you can leave your request using our discord channel where you can ask for help from any online support staff member. Or leave your transfer request in gamesupport channel.

Altior and Novus transfer rules.

You can transfer all your buildings on your dominium (you will get scroll to pack your dominium for free), your backpack inventory, all gear equipped on your character and all mounts in stables. All containers on your dominium will be empty after transfer.

Restricted items:

  • Artefacts. All items that are not available in game on regular servers and can’t be obtained in game on regular servers will be deleted automatically. If you have any doubts about if you got any artifacts please don’t hesitate to ask a question to the staff member assisting you with transfer.
  • Bugged stacks. All stacked items will be cut to normal value after transfer. Example: if you will try to move 9999 iron ore stack it will be cut up to 50 iron after transfer.
  • Steel and all items made of it if your character can’t confirm it’s legal. In case of any suspects about your character’s belongings are illegal we will ban your account until we will find out their origin. Example: player transferring 100 steel ingots. After investigation we find out that this character never even used a pickaxe to mine. We will ban it until complete investigation about this steel origin and ways how player obtained it. You are not allowed to transfer items that was not obtained by this character by trade or by farm. If you will try use alternate characters (twinks, multi accounts) to transfer items it will lead to their bans.

Please note!

You will not be able to play with any other characters if you started transfer process until you complete it. If you will try to move your character on a server where you already have a character. He will be deleted with all his belongings and property (will be replaced).