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Improvements and fixes 0.8.29

Implemented a second portion of the development of the guild system. It changed the structure and all guilds will have to re-create from scratch.
Added a list of guilds on the server, it became possible to appoint officers and change the leader.
For the first purchase in the store now issued a Merchant Chest and the title “Merchant”. Only purchases made after this update are counted.
Synchronization of animals and monsters with a gaming client has been completed, testing in a group is required.
A significant increase the number of iron deposits on servers that do not reach 100 dominiums.
Fixed a bug due to which a treasure defenders did not appear on the pavement.
Now it’s impossible to dig up the treasure, if it’s placed in a dominium zone.
Fixed a rare situation when the guard of the treasure could get through the fence if he appeared near dominium area.
Fixed a bug with the inscription "owner" of the animal immediately after catching.
Fixed a bug due to which the improved dominium could visually reverse to the previous one, when moved.
Fixed a bug due to which, appeared visible to others "ghost", if the player entered the game after death.
Fixed a bug due to which in some cases the graphics of animals, players or their equipment could be displayed in the wrong position, size or location.