New version open test started. Created a multilingual installer, the language of the game is selected based on the language in the system, but you need to check. Available Russian, English and Polish.

Test client can be set up in separate from main client. You have to create new account for the test.

Download test client for Windows...

New features 0.7.15

Now you can mold and bake bricks out of clay. Added cement in craft for their bonding.
Added castle buildings of brick, from which you can build a beautiful personal castle.
A new type of gate - iron bars through which you can defends your position.
Instead of wild rye in the woods can now be found seeds that you can cultivate for finding new useful agricultural plants.
In the woods grow mushrooms, which can be baked or used for cooking stew.
Now you can cultivate flax.
Appeared a new scarecrow for decoration of fields and kailyards.
Logs now can be sawed into planks.
Added a musical theme for the craft.
In the steelmaking process you can now also get a cast iron. It can be melted back to iron in large bloomery furnace.
Added a 64-bit client for Linux.


Fixed a bug with renaming items to “false”. Throw this item on the ground to return his old name.
Added checking for the amount of stamina during repair.
With a shortage of materials for repair now displays the correct value of the missing materials.
Renewed graphics for log warehouse.
Fixed a passages to the center of the lake with the mountains, so that players could not use them for full fencing area.
Increased chance of finding the drawings in the chests.
Fixed a click region for drying frame.
Descriptions for unknown items have been corrected.
Fixed an errors in the initial training.
Error with immortal and non-performing planting during duplication has been corrected.