Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

We want to give players the opportunity to securely trade and sell various items. Soon, for this purpose, Vending stands will be added to the game. A vending stand can be built and put on your territory. At the same time, the other players will not be able to destroy it. Through Vending stand, you will be able to put up for sale any items at the price specified by you in the amount of spices (all spices are equivalent to each other in value). Depending on the type of Vending stand, will also be available slots to buy any items. A little later, we will add to the game Auction, where you can view the contents of all Vending stands on the server, find out it's location, and also the opportunity to redeem items at a distance, by paying a small commission.

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