In this update, was added the Vending stands, the opportunity to disassemble the equipment for resources, and in the godsends now there are bronze keys and iron chests. For details on these and other changes read below

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.30

The first test edition of Vending stands has been implemented. We are waiting for your feedback!
Having built a Vending stand, you can put your goods for sale.
Spices are used as money for sale and buy.
If you play on the PvP server and your Vending stand is destroyed, then the goods from it will not be lost, the tent will go to a broken state and it can be repaired.

Now you can disassemble items of equipment and you will get some resources. For the disassemble of metal objects you will need a Horn, for the rest - a Workbench.
Now before the improvement of the item, detailed information about the result of the operation and the chances of success are displayed.
The principle of improving objects has been changed, now it depends on the rarity, it became possible to destroy the object on failure.
In the godsends you can also find bronze keys and iron chests.
In the godsends now linen threads come in instead of linen.
Parts of the dominiums are placed in a separate handicraft list.
Now bolas can be stacked on 6 pieces together.
Bolas no longer requires skill, not to confuse his actions with combat abilities.
To successfully block with a shield, you now need and spend 5 units of stamina.
Shields no longer reduce the damage done by the wearer.
Changed damage reduction for heavy armor.
The rate of long-range weapons in heavy armor is reduced by half.
The Roll now removes the effects of stun and slow. Increased the cooldown time.
Increased the cost of endurance in the abilities of Charge and Defense.
The Pounce now requires a target, increases the cost of stamina, and reduces the cooldown time.
The animals and monsters that have been removed from their habitat are now disappearing with time.
Reduced tool breaking, stamina costs and the amount of ore from iron deposits.
Now on the corpse of the player is written the name of his killer, who can get his head.

Fixed a bug due to which the cutting head did not require a tool.
Corrected the mistakenly low value of evasion in the mask of the plague doctor.
Fixed a bug due to which a private server whose owner is active premium could not be awakened by other players.
Fixed a bug due to which the bronze sword could be repaired as opposed to other bronze objects.
Fixed bugs due to which the equipment was not specified durability.