Test server open again. Your health and stamina is constant on them, all recipes and buildings are available immediately, growing and production is very quick.

Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.

Download the test client...

New in 0.7.16

Added drawbridge. It serves as an additional protection for the opening in the brick Barbican.
Updated schedule planted and watered tree.
Updated schedule of wild carrot.
Now you can make the skull, ropes and poles.
The decorations added to the piles of skulls and skull on a stick.
Added the ability to decorate the walls with tapestries.

Assembled flax can now be stacked for drying.
The dried flax can be break to produce fiber.
The fibers should be used at the spinning wheel to get the threads.
The threads by loom turns to cloth.
Added flax break, spinning wheel and a loom.
We have started drawing icons at the items in the inventory, released the first portion.
Added graphics for grass and flax grow.
Updated graphics for leather armor on the ground and inventory.


Recipe of cement reduced the number of eggs.
Fax stacks and textile constructions placed in a separate list.

Decorative constructions placed in a separate list.
Flax seeds can now be obtained only by collecting the dried flax.