Free test server open again. Your health and stamina is constant on them, all recipes and buildings are available immediately, growing and production is very quick.
Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.

Download test client

New features in version 0.7.17

  • Added the client version in German.
  • Implemented dynamic loading of graphics, thereby accelerate launch of the game and reduce the amount of memory used.
  • Dynamic loading and unloading music from memory.
  • Realized the effect of silence, allows blocking game chat for the punished players. Be polite to each other.
  • Added noble dominium. It can not be placed close to the neighbours, can only be made an outbuilding to it.
  • Now you can cultivate pumpkins and grapes.
  • Added the possibility to extract sinews and bones of animals, you can use them as materials.
  • Crafted leather armor is now displayed.
  • Updated graphics for doors and added extra durable door.
  • Updated appearance of ballista.
  • Added a more capacious brick stove for cooking.
  • Added a clay boiler for cooking and boiling. You can get Hardened Leather through boiling.
  • Many of the icons for items were redrawn.


  • Under low memory, the game is no longer closed in the boot.
  • Fixed icons in the display of requirements for weaving materials.
  • Corrected graphics for the drawbridge.