Test server and client have been updated.

Download test client

New features in version

  • Added the client version in Portuguese.
  • Added a battering ram for destruction walls and gates. The more players use it, the more quickly the wall will be destroyed.
  • Added the client version in German.
  • Implemented dynamic loading of graphics, thereby accelerate launch of the game and reduce the amount of memory used.
  • Dynamic loading and unloading music from memory.
  • Realized the effect of silence, allows blocking game chat for the punished players. Be polite to each other.
  • Added noble dominium. It can not be placed close to the neighbours, can only be made an outbuilding to it.
  • Now you can cultivate pumpkins and grapes.
  • Added the possibility to extract sinews and bones of animals, you can use them as materials.
  • Crafted leather armor is now displayed.
  • Updated graphics for doors and added extra durable door.
  • Updated appearance of ballista.
  • Added a more capacious brick stove for cooking.
  • Added a clay boiler for cooking and boiling. You can get Hardened Leather through boiling.
  • Many of the icons for items were redrawn.


  • Reworked system of construction siege weapons. It should now take the 8 hours from the time of construction before they can be used for attack.
  • Balista power significantly increased, and the amount of resources needed for its construction has been decreased.
  • Settings for different types of damage to the walls have been changed
  • Fixed a sound obtaining of impact for buildings.
  • Fixed display of double gates during the placing.
  • Pumpkin seeds can now be obtained by eating pieces of pumpkin.
  • Grape seeds can now be obtained by eating grapes or raisins.
  • Under low memory, the game is no longer closed in the boot.
  • Fixed icons in the display of requirements for weaving materials.
  • Corrected graphics for the drawbridge.