Free test server is open for testing the French version! Translation is not complete, but the main part of the game is translated. We need help with the rest of the translation. If you want to help, write to us.
The main server is currently without French language! It will be a little later.
We are preparing a server for Large Siege Event! Wait for details.

Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.
Download test client

New in 0.7.18
Added client version in French.
Added client version in Vietnamese.
Action icons were redrawn.
Some client configuration rendered in config.js. The following describes this settings.
Through FORCED_LOCALE you can set the language of the client, different from the one which is defined automatically.
GRAPHICS_FULL_PRELOAD used to enable full load graphics in memory without additional upload during the game.
In RENDER_MODE you can specify the "canvas" if your webGL working poor.
With SHOW_PHASER_DEBUG you can turn off the bottom line of debugging information.
Player names now displayed permanently.

Fixed a bug related with the appearance of black squares on the corpses place.
Added a note about the delayed construction of siege weapons.
The shells for ballista can now put together up to 10 pieces.

Want to get access to the main server? Pay attention to this contest.
Or buy it here, thereby supporting the development of the game.