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Improvements and fixes 0.8.32

Added modifiers from the characteristics:

  • melee multiplier
  • ranged multiplier
  • cooldown of the skill "dodge"
  • chance of finding resources that require skill "gathering"

Fixed several bugs related to sending free products for auction.
Added displaying information about the damage and the combat status over the heads of animals and players.
Changed amount of wood in the cell from 50 to 100.
Strongly increased the experience gain on the characteristics of all combat skills and the "gathering" skill.
For all types of zones, the number of spawning sticks and stones has been greatly reduced.
The stage of withering of ornamental plants is greatly increased (5 times).
Increased skill requirements for the collection of ornamental plants, honey.
Lowered skill requirements for madder and seeds.
Twice increased chance of finding seeds of ornamental plants during the drying process.