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Castles added to the game.

The castle is a place for obtaining spices, which can be captured and fenced. You can assault the Castles once a week during the siege. The capture is the punching of walls and the holding of the Guild's stone throughout the siege.
The castle collects tribute from every extracted iron deposit in this "disputed territory" in its storage. Any player in the guild can:

  • Capture the Stone at any time;
  • Build a castle around the guildstone if there are enough spices or gold (in bars) in inventory;
  • Withdraw the tribute from the storage within 5 hours after the siege ends (or the auction for the PvE servers);
  • Restore the damaged castle (if there are enough spices in the inventory).

In the near future, we plan to add the ability to differentiate access for different ranks of the guild. On the PvE servers, at the end of this week there will be the first bidding for the castles. Bidding will be a "blind" auction.