We have collected the main changes and innovations in the game over the past 2 months. It's hard to imagine, but 2 months ago, Wild Terra did not have, for example, Trade, Guilds and Character's Stats.

  • Guilds. Implemented the creation and management of guilds, as well as a dedicated channel in the chat.
  • Trade and auction. In Wild Terra you can now sell and buy goods, as well as expose, search and buy things at auction.
  • Stats of the character. Was added 5 characteristics that affect the attributes of the character.
  • Castles. Battles and trades for castles, exaction of tribute.
  • Redesigned premium bonus. Scrolls of the premium can now be obtained in a game way, and bonuses received from the premium have become even better: +30% to the experience gained and +30% to the size of the tanks and replenishment of the Craftsman's Insight and Battle Focus, and your dominium is immune from dilapidation in your absence.
  • Rare equipment. In Wild Terra added rare unique equipment.
  • Disassemble items. Now you can disassemble the equipment into its component parts.
  • Bonus for the first purchase. Now, having made your first purchase in Wild Terra, you will also receive a Merchant Chest and the title "Merchant".

A lot of changes have affected gameplay improvements, as well as a few dozen bugs was fixed.