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Improvements and fixes 0.8.33

The capture of castles is only possible by winning the auction.
Every Sunday within 3 hours there will be open bidding for castles.
At this time, construction is not available, as well as repair castles and collecting tribute.
During the bidding you can put any number of spices for any castle.
The betting on castles is summed up from all players of one guild.
After 3 hours, the castle will pass to the guild, whose total bid was the highest.
Losers in the auction can return the bid as a random spice minus a 10% commission, or leave the bet until the next auction (then there will be no commission).
Collection of tribute is possible after bidding within 5 hours.

The capture of the castle, in which the walls were not yet built, occurs at any time.
The castle, in which the walls have already been built, can be captured only at the hour of siege.
Collection of tribute is possible after bidding within 5 hours.

General changes
On the castle territory will no longer spawn resources or animals (this requires a rebuild castle).
All who do not have access to the castle territory will be thrown out of the bounds with logout.
The size of the Castles tribute depends on the type of castle, if there are no walls, the tribute can only be collected, without the possibility of appropriating.
Brick castle added to the game.