Dear players,
we read your emails and reviews, but we must admit that we have problems with our Asian community.

Thanks to "Reed Team" and some other volunteers we were able to translate game into Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages but for now we have no opportunity to maintain support stuff for these languages. Being Russian developers group we use Russian and English as languages to communicate. We see a lot of feedbacks from Asian players but automatic translation services are impossible to use – they give no chance to understand the reviews you send. All your support emails are always answered in the way to ask you to translate your question in English but we understand that it’s impossible in most situations. We would love to hear you and speak with you but we need help. Also, in the near future we will reduce the price of gold for Asian countries.

If there is someone ready to cooperate with our team who could at least translate reviews and share ideas we would be glad to answer all players’ questions and help them. We will be glad to create separate thread on our game forum and assign someone who will be able to help with translation and communication between our stuff and Asian players. Any help will be appreciated. Any one ready to help at community management please contact us: support@playwildterra.com.