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Improvements and fixes 0.8.35

The first edition of turn-key ready houses has been added.
In the menu Crafts added building kits and ready-made houses projects.

  • Added basic building kits
  • Added advanced building kits
  • Added professional construction kits
  • Added project Basic shelter
  • Added project Basic carpentry workshop
  • Added project Basic warehouse
  • Added project Timbered hunting lodge
  • Added project Timbered warehouse
  • Added project Timbered house
  • Added project Half-timbered smithy with patio
  • Added project Half-timbered warehouse
  • Added project Half-timbered twin inn

In the Buildings window in the House section, ready-made houses are now located, and all parts of them have moved to the section Constructor.
Implemented the ability to pre-view homes before construction.
Implemented the ability to turn the house into 2 sides.
Each house has its own features and bonuses.

  • added effect Comfort
  • added effect Carpenter's workshop
  • added effect Furrier's workshop
  • added effect Blacksmith's Workshop
  • a house can not be built outside the territory of the dominion
  • a house is impossible to build close to each other

Added Romanian language.
The working radius of the Crucible shop has been increased.
The working radius of the Forge has been increased.
In the godsends you can no longer find linen materials (only ropes).
Bronze ingots and apples now can be found in the godsends.

In the upper right corner, icons are added to turn off the roofs and turn on the simplified display mode.
Fixed a bug due to which the frying pan could not be disassembled.
Fixed a bug due to which the character could become completely motionless (thrown back).
Fixed a bug that caused the character to start moving while holding down the right mouse button.
Fixed a bug due to which the armor decoration scrolls could not be found at auction.