Free test server is open for testing version 0.7.19. Test server and client have been updated. We are preparing for the celebration of Halloween. The main event will take place a little later, but now you can try the specially prepared content for this holiday.

Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.
Download test client

New in 0.7.19
All animals were bewitched by the evil witch! Hunt them to disenchant!
On the holiday, of all the animals you can get cursed spiders, which are used in the drawings and holiday recipes.
Now you can create a jack-o'-lantern, witch hat, cloak, pumpkin-hat, black leather jacket, stockings, boots and gloves.
Now you can build a grim halloween lantern, fountain, brick bloomery and brick kiln.

Instead of thrown chests, now spawn finds that much better fit in the entourage of the world.
Part of icons for items in the inventory were redrawn.
Updated graphics for poultry house, now has 2 positions.
Updated graphics for scarecrow.
Lots of corrections and adjustments in the English localization of the game.

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