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Improvements and fixes 0.8.36

The first stage of the Taming skill has been implemented, which will be used to catch and tame animals.
Instead of Trap for birds in the craft was added a Small game trap.
Throw a trap in any small animals, including foxes and catch them after the trap slows them down.
If you are lucky (the chance of success depends on the level of skill), the wild pet will get to you inventory.
At the moment, pets can only be skinned, in the future will be implemented domestication.

A new series of turn-key ready build houses has been implemented.

  • Added the project Timbered smithy with patio.
    The size is 7x7. Cells 200. "Blacksmith’s workshop" 4%.
  • Added the project Timbered carpentry workshop.
    The size is 3x6. Cells 110. "Carpenter’s workshop" 4%.
  • Added the project Half-timbered hunting lodge.
    The size is 6x7. Cells 250. "Furrier's workshop" 5%.
    Projects from the new series can be rotated on 4 sides.

Fixed a bug due to which characteristics were not saved after transferring the character to another server.
Fixed a visual error displaying one of the fence elements in a simplified display mode.
Fixed a bug due to which the log hunter's house had unnecessary parts in one of the positions.
Fixed a chat error that allows using tags and scripts.
Fixed a bug with incorrect sequence of application of bonuses of Premium, Intelligence and Comfort, because of which the daily increase to the inspiration of the Master's Inspiration and Combat concentration was incorrectly considered.

To the in-game store added currency for China, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Japan, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Colombia and Mexico.
Fixed a bug due to which the currency for Brazilian players was not displayed.