What this feature is about?
Dominium left for a long time will gradually dilapidate. After dominium crashes, other players will be able to plunder the unprotected goods of the land holder.

Why do we implement this feature?
We think, this aspect will add interest to exploring the world and treasure hunting. Beside that, it will solve the problem of “ghost towns”.

How it works? In detail:
A dominium starts to get damage every hour if its owner doesn’t enter the game for 3 days. Dominium will change its color depending on how much damage is taken. In case an owner enters the game before his dominium completely destroyed, he will be able to repair it. Dilapidation timer resets on entering.

Days (24 hours) required for complete dominium destruction after passing first 3 days:

  • Basic dominium - 3
  • Small dominium - 4
  • Medium dominium - 8
  • Large dominium - 14
  • Noble dominium - 20

Example. You own a Small dominium and do not log to the game 7 days in a row - your dominium will be completely destroyed.

After dominuim destruction, all buildings on the territory become dilapidated and bit-by-bit disappear, other players can steal belongings of the land holder. Observe the dominium’s color to choose the moment to plunder before anybody else. Siege weapons not cause damage to the dominium's.

We are planning to implement this feature in the next update, but you’d better start searching for abandoned domains already now ;)